A Complete Guide to Buying Powerbeats Pro

Your Guide to buying the best Powerbeats Pro


The Powerbeats Pro is a revolutionary set of headphones developed by Apple that offer an outstanding combination of sound quality, comfort, and portability. With up to nine hours of battery life, the Powerbeats Pro provide an impressive listening experience that can take you from the gym to the office and beyond. This detailed buying guide will provide an overview of the features and benefits of the Powerbeats Pro, as well as a look at the different options available. We will also discuss key considerations to make before purchasing and offer tips and advice to help you choose the right set of headphones for your needs.

Key features

  1. Battery Life: Consider how long the battery will last in between charges and whether it is suitable for your lifestyle. The Powerbeats Pro offer up to 9 hours on a single charge.
  2. Sound Quality: Look for whether the headphones come with noise-cancelling technology, how much sound leakage is allowed, and the sound profile offered.
  3. Comfort: Check for how comfortable the headphones are to wear, especially if you plan on wearing them for extended periods of time.
  4. Connectivity: Look for whether the headphones are wireless and the kind of connection they use (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.). The Powerbeats Pro offer Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable connection.
  5. Durability: Consider the materials used in the headphones and how well they will stand up to regular wear and tear.
  6. Price: Check the price and compare it to similar products to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

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Important considerations


  • Wireless connectivity - Powerbeats Pro use Apple’s proprietary H1 chip, which provides a fast and reliable connection to any Apple device.
  • Ergonomic design - The design of Powerbeats Pro is optimized for comfort and stability, with adjustable ear-hooks and four sizes of ear tips.
  • Sweat and water-resistant - Powerbeats Pro are IPX4-rated, making them perfect for workouts or any other activity in or around the water.
  • High sound quality - Powerbeats Pro feature a 9-hour battery life, with up to 40 hours of total listening time. They also deliver rich sound with powerful bass and clear highs.
  • Hands-free controls - Powerbeats Pro come with dual beamforming microphones that allow for hands-free calls, as well as intuitive earbud controls.
  • Easy setup - Setting up Powerbeats Pro is easy and straightforward. Simply open the case near your iPhone or iPad to pair the earbuds with your device.


  • Price: Powerbeats Pro are quite expensive, with a retail price of over $200.
  • Size: Powerbeats Pro are quite large and may be uncomfortable for some users.
  • Battery Life: The Powerbeats Pro earbuds offer 9 hours of battery life, which is lower than some of its competition.
  • Sound Quality: The sound quality of the Powerbeats Pro earbuds is not as good as other higher-end models.
  • Fit: Powerbeats Pro have an in-ear fit, which may not be comfortable for all users.
  • Noise Cancellation: Powerbeats Pro do not offer active noise cancellation.
  • Controls: The Powerbeats Pro have physical buttons for controlling music and calls, which may be uncomfortable for some users.

Best alternatives

  1. Bose SoundSport Wireless - sweat and water resistant earphones with active noise cancellation and up to 6-hour battery life.
  2. Sony WF-1000XM3 - true wireless earbuds with noise cancellation and up to 6 hours battery life.
  3. JBL Free X - true wireless earbuds with up to 8 hours of battery life and IPX5 water resistance.
  4. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 - noise cancelling true wireless earbuds with up to 7 hours of battery life.
  5. Jabra Elite Active 75t - true wireless earbuds with up to 7.5 hours of battery life and IP57 water and dust resistance.

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Common questions

  1. What material is the Powerbeats Pro made of? The Powerbeats Pro are made of a sweat and water-resistant flexible polymer material.
  2. How long is the battery life? The battery life for the Powerbeats Pro is up to 9 hours of listening time on a single charge.
  3. Do the Powerbeats Pro have any noise cancelling feature? Yes, the Powerbeats Pro come with an adjustable sound isolating design that blocks external noise.
  4. Does the Powerbeats Pro come with a carrying case? Yes, the Powerbeats Pro come with a pocket-sized carrying case.
  5. What type of connection does the Powerbeats Pro use? The Powerbeats Pro use Apple's proprietary H1 chip and Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts.
  6. Does the Powerbeats Pro come with a microphone? Yes, the Powerbeats Pro come with an integrated microphone and volume control to take calls, play music, and activate Siri.
  7. How do I know what size ear tips to use with the Powerbeats Pro? The Powerbeats Pro come with four sizes of ear tips to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.


When Powerbeats Pro was released in 2019, they quickly became an iconic accessory for athletes and celebrities alike. From the NBA to NFL to Hollywood, everyone seemed to be spotted wearing the wireless earbuds. Even Justin Bieber was seen sporting a pair of Powerbeats Pro, which he often wears on his way to the gym or while out and about. This is a testament to the quality of the product and its wide popularity. Source

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