A Comprehensive Guide to Buying LEGO Sets

Your Guide to buying the best lego


This Lego buying guide is designed to help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect set of Lego bricks for your needs. We will discuss the various types of Lego bricks available, from basic building blocks to complex sets that can be used to construct entire cities. We will also look at the different types of age-appropriate Lego sets that are available, and provide helpful tips to make sure you find the perfect set for your children or yourself. Finally, we will cover some of the essential safety information that you should be aware of when purchasing and using Lego.

Key features

  1. Age Appropriateness - Legos come in many sets with varying complexity, so shoppers should consider the age appropriateness of the product before purchasing.
  2. Cost - Legos come in a range of prices based on the size and complexity of the set, so shoppers should consider their budget.
  3. Number of Pieces - Shoppers should consider the number of pieces in the set that they are purchasing. More pieces will make for a longer building experience.
  4. Theme - Legos come in a variety of themes, so shoppers should consider which theme they prefer before purchasing.
  5. Number of Minifigures - Shoppers should consider the number of minifigures that come with the set, as this will determine the number of characters that can participate in the play experience.

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Important considerations


  • Variety: Lego has a huge variety of sets, themes, and pieces, which allows for a great range of creative possibilities.
  • Durability: Lego pieces are designed to withstand play and last a long time.
  • Educational: Lego sets come with instructions and promote problem-solving skills as well as creative thinking.
  • Development: Lego can help children develop motor skills, build social skills, and learn spatial awareness.
  • Fun: Playing with Lego can be a great way to have fun and bond with family and friends.
  • Collectible: Lego sets can be valuable investments and can be collected and traded.
  • Accessible: Lego sets are available in a wide range of prices, making them affordable for many budgets.


  • Cost: Legos can be quite expensive, depending on the type and brand purchased.
  • Time: Building sets can take hours and may become quite tedious.
  • Storage: Legos can take up lots of storage space, both when in boxes and when sorted into storage containers.
  • Safety: Small pieces can be a choking hazard for small children.
  • Cleanliness: Legos can be difficult to keep clean since they often accumulate dust and dirt, even when put away.

Best alternatives

  1. K'NEX - A construction toy similar to Lego, comprised of plastic rods and connectors.
  2. Lincoln Logs - Wooden log-shaped building pieces that interlock to create structures.
  3. Magna-Tiles - Magnetic building tiles that can be arranged into two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.
  4. Tegu - Magnetic blocks made from eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced hardwood.
  5. Scribble Blocks - Colorful blocks that allow for 3D drawing with markers.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Building Blocks - Lego building blocks come in various sizes and colors and are the main component of any Lego set.
  • Minifigures - Minifigures are small plastic figures that come in a variety of poses and outfits and can be used to create scenes or characters in your Lego sets.
  • Plates - Plates are thin flat pieces that can be used to construct a base for larger Lego models.
  • Bricks - Bricks are thicker than plates and can be used to construct walls for Lego models.
  • Tiles - Tiles are flat pieces that can be used to create details on Lego models, such as windows or doors.
  • Wheels - Wheels come in a variety of sizes and can be used to construct vehicles with your Lego sets.
  • Connectors - Connectors are pieces that can be used to attach different Lego pieces together.
  • Technic Pieces - Technic pieces are larger and more complex pieces that can be used to construct more complex models.
  • Stickers - Stickers are adhesive decals that can be used to decorate your Lego models.

Common questions

  1. What are the different types of Lego? Lego is primarily divided into System, Technic, and Creator categories. System Lego sets generally feature a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of pieces that can be used to create any type of model. Technic Lego is a bit more complex, and involves the use of specialized parts and building techniques to create more detailed and complex models, such as vehicles. Creator Lego is a mix of System and Technic, and generally focuses on creating specific models, such as buildings and vehicles.
  2. What age range is Lego suitable for? Lego sets are typically designed for children aged 4-16, although there are some sets that are designed for adults.
  3. How much does Lego cost? Prices for Lego sets vary widely, depending on the size of the set, the pieces included, and the complexity of the models. Generally, smaller sets can cost anywhere from $20 to $50, while larger sets can cost up to several hundred dollars.
  4. Is Lego compatible with other building sets? Yes, Lego pieces are generally compatible with major brands of building sets, such as Mega Bloks, K'Nex, and more.
  5. Where can I buy Lego? Lego is widely available in retail stores, online retailers, and even some department stores.


In 1998, two Danish professors used LEGO blocks to build a working organ. The organ was built out of 5000 LEGO pieces and had 11 pipes. It was installed in the Church of Our Saviour in Copenhagen, where it was used to provide accompaniment to the Sunday evening services. This incredible feat of engineering was accomplished by professors Finn Petur Larsen and Jørn Lund. They were later awarded the Knighthood of the Order of Dannebrog for their achievement. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_Organ

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