How to Buy Bananagrams: A Comprehensive Guide

Your Guide to buying the best Bananagrams


Bananagrams is an exciting and fun word game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It's a perfect game for family game night, and a great way to get friends and family together for some friendly competition. In this buying guide, we will provide information and advice on what to look for when buying Bananagrams, so you can make an informed decision and pick the best game for your family and friends. We will look at the various sets available, the components that make up the game, and the different types of Bananagrams rules. We will also provide some tips on how to make the most of your Bananagrams game.

Key features

  1. Number of Players – How many people will be playing Bananagrams? The game can accommodate 2 to 8 players, so make sure you purchase the product that best fits your group size.
  2. Age Range – Bananagrams is suitable for players aged 7 and up. However, younger children can join in with some help and guidance from an adult.
  3. Game Content – Most Bananagrams sets contain 144 tiles for each player to spell words, as well as a zippered pouch and instructions.
  4. Product Quality – The Bananagrams tiles should be sturdy and easy to handle. The pouch should be made of durable material that won’t tear easily.
  5. Price – Different sets of Bananagrams have different price points, depending on the product quality and number of tiles included.
  6. Brand – The original Bananagrams is the most widely known variant, but there are other versions such as “Bananagrams Duel” and “Bananagrams WildTiles”.

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Important considerations


  • Portability and Durability - Bananagrams is a small and lightweight game that comes packaged in a banana-shaped pouch, making it easy to take on the go and store. The pouch and tiles are also made with durable materials, allowing it to stand up to frequent use.
  • Replayability - The game encourages creativity and can be played for hours, with players rearranging the tiles to create different words and phrases. It can be played with multiple people or as a solo game.
  • Accessibility - Bananagrams is suitable for all ages and abilities, with no need to read or write; all that’s needed is a basic understanding of letters and phonics. It’s a great way to help children learn and practice their language skills.
  • Affordability - Bananagrams is an inexpensive game that’s easy to find at most stores. It’s also a great way to spend time together without having to invest in expensive boardgames.


  • Time commitment: Bananagrams can take a considerable amount of time to play, especially if more than two people are playing.
  • Portability: While Bananagrams is considered portable, it can be difficult to transport and store.
  • Age range: Bananagrams can be enjoyed by all ages, but the complexity of the game may be too challenging for younger players.
  • Competitiveness: Bananagrams can bring out a competitive nature in players, which could lead to arguments or hurt feelings.
  • Price: Bananagrams is not a particularly expensive game, but the cost of replacement pieces could add up over time.

Best alternatives

  1. Scrabble - A classic board game where players form words out of letter tiles to score points
  2. Boggle - A word game where players must make as many words as possible out of adjacent letters on a 4x4 or 5x5 grid
  3. Balderdash - A game where players guess the meanings of obscure words and bluff to earn points
  4. Word on the Street - A game where players race to claim letters tiles in order to form words on a game board
  5. Qwirkle - A strategic tile-laying game where players score points for creating shapes with matching colors and symbols
  6. Yahtzee - A dice game where players attempt to roll certain combinations to score points

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Bananagrams - A word game where players build crosswords without pencil or paper.
  • Letters - 100 letter tiles featuring a mixture of consonants and vowels.
  • Timer - Keep track of the time you have left to finish your word grid.
  • Instructions - Detailed guide on how to play the game.
  • Travel Pouch - Zippered pouch for easy storage and transport of the game.
  • Extension Pack - An additional set of 160 letter tiles for larger groups.

Common questions

  1. What age range is Bananagrams for? Bananagrams is best suited for ages 7 and above.
  2. How many people can play Bananagrams? Bananagrams can be played with 2-8 players.
  3. How long does a game of Bananagrams take? Depending on the number of players, a game can take between 10 and 20 minutes.
  4. What materials are included in the Bananagrams set? The Bananagrams set comes with 144 letter tiles, a cloth pouch, and instructions.
  5. Do the tiles have any special features? The tiles are rubberized to make them easy to handle and provide a better grip.
  6. Is there an app version of Bananagrams? Yes, there is an app version available for iOS and Android devices.


In 2019, Bananagrams was the game played during an episode of the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things. The game was featured when the characters were stuck in the upside down and bonded over the game. This was a unique and exciting way for viewers to watch the characters have fun together and Bananagrams was clearly a fan favorite. The game also made some appearances in other shows such as Ellen DeGeneres and The Today Show. Source

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