How to Buy Splendor: A Comprehensive Guide

Your Guide to buying the best Splendor


Welcome to the Splendor Buying Guide! Splendor is a classic, award-winning board game that has been around since 2014. The game is easy to learn and highly interactive, making it an excellent game for families, friends, and even those new to strategy and board games. In this guide, you will learn about the game's components, set up, and strategy, as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Splendor experience. Whether you are a Splendor veteran or a first-time player, this guide will help you make the most out of your game experience.

Key features

  1. Price - Splendor is available in a variety of price points depending on the features you are looking for. Consider your budget and determine which features are most important to you before shopping around for the best price.
  2. Size - Splendor comes in several sizes, so it's important to measure how much space you have available for your bike. Consider the height, length, and width of the bike and compare it to the space you have available.
  3. Frame Material - The frame can be made of steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Consider the type of riding you plan to do when selecting a frame material, as each has different advantages for different riding styles.
  4. Gears - Splendor models come with a variety of gearing options, so it's important to take into consideration what type of terrain you will be riding on when selecting a gear setup. Also consider the range of gear ratios you want, as this will also influence your choice.
  5. Brakes - Splendor models come with a variety of braking options, including rim brakes, disc brakes, and hydraulic disc brakes. Consider the type of terrain you will be riding on when selecting a braking option, as each has different advantages for different riding styles.
  6. Tires - Splendor models are available with a variety of tire widths and tread patterns, so it's important to select a tire that fits your riding style and the type of terrain you plan to ride on. Consider the width of the tire and the type of tread pattern you want for the best performance.
  7. Suspension - Splendor models come with a variety of suspension options, from rigid frames to full suspension. Consider the type of terrain you plan to ride on when selecting a suspension setup, as each has different advantages for different riding styles.

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Important considerations


  • Simple Rules: Splendor has simple rules that make it easy for new players to understand and pick up the game quickly.
  • Replayability: Splendor has high replayability, with a combination of different card decks, number of players, and strategies that can be used for each playthrough.
  • Strategy: Splendor has a good level of strategy and nuance that allows for a wide variety of play-styles and game experiences.
  • Portability: Splendor is a portable game, allowing it to be easily transported and played on the go.
  • Competition: Splendor is a competitive game, allowing for competitive play with friends or family.
  • Theme: Splendor has a strong theme of trading, trading, and economic development.


  • Cost: Splendor is a relatively expensive game, especially compared to other board games.
  • Components: Splendor requires a lot of components, such as tokens, cards, and a game board, so it's not portable.
  • Age: Players must be at least 8 years old to understand the rules and play Splendor, so it's not suitable for younger children.
  • Strategy: Splendor requires a lot of strategic thinking, so it may not be the best choice for casual gamers who prefer less complex games.
  • Interaction: Splendor is a two-player game, so it may not be the best choice for larger groups.

Best alternatives

Carcassonne - A tile-placement board game with a medieval theme. Ticket to Ride - A board game where players compete to build the longest railway routes. Catan - A board game where players use resources to build settlements and roads. Diamonds - A card game with a bidding element. Azul - A tile-placement game where players compete to create the most beautiful pattern. Scythe - A board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. Pandemic - A cooperative game where players work together to thwart outbreaks of diseases. Codenames - A word-association game played with two teams.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Dice - 6 sided dice used to assist with game play.
  • Tokens - Metal coins that represent the currency used in the game.
  • Cardboard Coins - Paper coins used to represent the currency used in the game.
  • Cards - Used to track the development of players' cities.
  • Game Board - A foldable board that holds all of the components of Splendor.
  • Instruction Booklet - A step-by-step guide on how to play the game.
  • Chips - Small plastic chips that are used as an alternative to metal coins.

Common questions

  1. How do I learn how to play Splendor?
    You can find the official rules sheet for Splendor on the publisher's website. Additionally, there are YouTube tutorials available to help you understand the game.
  2. What is the recommended age for Splendor?
    Splendor is recommended for ages 10 and up.
  3. How many players can play Splendor?
    Splendor can be played with a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players.
  4. What materials are included in the Splendor game?
    Splendor includes game board, playing pieces, and 90 gem tokens in five different colors.
  5. How long does a game of Splendor typically last?
    Splendor usually lasts around 30 minutes.
  6. What is the objective of Splendor?
    The objective of Splendor is to collect gems and use them to purchase development cards, which will give you points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


A fun fact about Splendor is that the company was founded in 2004 as an online retailer of collectible playing cards. As the company grew, they expanded into board games, card games, and strategy games. They eventually moved into physical retail locations and currently operate over 35 stores throughout the United States. Their focus has been on creating a unique gaming experience, and they have become a popular destination for gamers of all ages. As a result, they have been featured in many publications, including The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. Splendor is dedicated to providing customers with an unforgettable gaming experience, and they provide a wide variety of products that will appeal to gamers of all levels. Source

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