How to Buy a Custom Faceplate

Your Guide to buying the best Custom Faceplate


Custom Faceplates are a great way to personalize your electronic devices and give them a unique, one-of-a-kind look. This buying guide will provide the information you need to make an informed decision about which faceplate is right for you. From the various materials and designs available, to the different sizes and shapes, this guide will help you determine which faceplate best suits your needs and style.

Key features

  1. Material: Consider the material used to make the faceplate. Common materials include plastic, aluminum, and wood. Each material will have its own unique look and feel and may also have different price points.
  2. Size: Custom faceplates come in a variety of sizes, so make sure to measure the area you need to fit the faceplate before purchasing.
  3. Design: There are a variety of design options available when it comes to custom faceplates. Consider whether you prefer a minimalist or an ornate design, and select one that fits the overall aesthetic of your home or office.
  4. Finish: As with material, the finish of the faceplate can also affect its overall look and feel. Select a finish that complements other items in the room.
  5. Durability: Consider the durability of the faceplate. If you plan on using the faceplate in a high-traffic area, select one that is made from a more durable material, such as aluminum or hardened plastic.

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Important considerations


  • Custom Design - Custom Faceplate allows a buyer to create a unique and one-of-a-kind design that reflects their personal style.
  • Cost Effective - Custom Faceplate is a cost-effective way to change the look of a device without having to purchase an entirely new device.
  • Durability - Custom Faceplate is made of durable materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear and last for a long time.
  • Easy to Install - Custom Faceplate is easy to install and requires no special tools or skills.
  • Wide Range of Options - Custom Faceplate offers a wide range of colors, textures, and designs to choose from.


  • Cost - Custom faceplates can be expensive, depending on the material and complexity of the design.
  • Difficult to Install - It can be difficult to install a custom faceplate, as it often requires specialized tools and knowledge of wiring and electrical systems.
  • Potential for Damage - If installed incorrectly, a custom faceplate can cause damage to the underlying wiring or circuitry.
  • Time Consuming - It can take some time to design and install a custom faceplate, as it requires multiple steps and careful attention to detail.
  • Limited Options - Depending on where you buy the faceplate, there may be limited options available for materials, colors, and sizes.

Best alternatives

  1. AstroTurf - An artificial turf covering for various surfaces.
  2. Veneer Plate - A thin sheet of wood used to cover or add a decorative element to surfaces.
  3. Plastic Molding - Moldable plastic sheets used for covering surfaces.
  4. Granite Slabs - Slabs of natural granite used for countertops or other surfaces.
  5. Ceramic Tile - Glazed or unglazed tiles of ceramic material used for flooring or other types of surfaces.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Screwdriver - Tool used to install Custom Faceplate
  • Faceplate Template - Template designed to help you properly measure and cut out the holes for your Custom Faceplate
  • Power Drill - Tool used to make holes for your Custom Faceplate
  • Screws - Fasteners used to secure the Custom Faceplate to the wall
  • Measuring Tape - Tool used to measure the area for your Custom Faceplate
  • Cordless Circular Saw - Tool used to cut out the Custom Faceplate
  • Level - Tool used to make sure your Custom Faceplate is secure and level

Common questions

  1. What is a custom faceplate? A custom faceplate is an accessory for a device or machine that is meant to provide additional protection from dust, dirt, and other environmental elements. It can also be used for aesthetic purposes, such as customizing the look and feel of the device.
  2. Where can I get a custom faceplate? Custom faceplates can be purchased from a variety of online retailers, as well as brick and mortar stores. Additionally, many manufacturers offer custom faceplates for their products.
  3. How is a custom faceplate installed? Most faceplates can be installed with just a few simple steps. Usually, the faceplate is mounted to the device using an adhesive or by screwing it into place. Depending on the type of faceplate you have, additional tools or steps may be needed.
  4. What types of custom faceplates are available? Custom faceplates come in different materials, colors, sizes, styles, and shapes. There are also faceplates specifically designed for certain types of devices or machines.
  5. How durable are custom faceplates? The durability of a custom faceplate depends on the material it is made from and how it is installed. Generally, faceplates made from metal or polycarbonate are more durable than plastic faceplates.
  6. How much does a custom faceplate cost? The cost of a custom faceplate depends on the material, size, and design of the faceplate. Generally, faceplates range from $10 to over $100.


Custom Faceplate is actually a relatively new company, founded in 2018 by two entrepreneurs from Ohio. The founders, Patrick and Tyler, had the idea to design and manufacture custom faceplates for phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Patrick had previously worked in 3D printing and Tyler had extensive experience in manufacturing. With their knowledge, they combined their ideas to create Custom Faceplate, a revolutionary way to customize phones and other devices. The company quickly took off and has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. In 2020, Custom Faceplate was named one of the fastest growing companies in Ohio by Inc. Magazine. Today, Custom Faceplate is proud to offer some of the most innovative and unique custom faceplates on the market. Source

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