How to Buy a Wii: A Comprehensive Guide

Your Guide to buying the best Wii


The Wii buying guide is designed to help you make an informed decision when shopping for a new Nintendo Wii game console. This guide will walk you through the features and specifications of the Wii, and provide helpful tips on how to choose the best system for your needs. In addition, this guide will provide information on accessories and games available, as well as resources for technical support and troubleshooting.

Key features

  1. Price - Consider the cost of the Wii console, any additional controllers you may need, as well as any games or accessories you wish to purchase.
  2. Functionality - Consider the current Wii model and its features, such as motion tracking, fitness programs, online gaming, etc.
  3. Game Selection - Consider the selection of games available for the Wii and ensure that the console has the titles you are interested in.
  4. Hardware - Consider the Wii's hardware, such as the console's design, storage capacity and wireless capabilities.
  5. Accessories - Consider any additional controllers, attachments, or other accessories that may be necessary for your gaming experience.

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Important considerations


  • Compatibility - The Wii is compatible with all Wii and GameCube games, as well as a variety of Wii-specific accessories.
  • Motion sensing controls - The Wii's motion sensing controllers allow for more intuitive and interactive gaming experiences.
  • Affordability - The Wii is an affordable console compared to competing systems.
  • Ease of use - The Wii's simple user interface and intuitive motion sensing controls make it easy to use for all ages.
  • Variety of games - The Wii has a wide variety of games, from casual and family-friendly titles to more hardcore and immersive experiences.
  • Online functionality - The Wii offers access to the Wii Shop, where players can download and purchase classic and new games, as well as access the Wii's online features.


  • Price - The console is relatively affordable, but games and accessories can be pricier than those for other consoles.
  • Backwards Compatibility - It is not compatible with GameCube games or controllers.
  • Game Selection - The overall selection of games for the Wii is quite limited and many of the more popular titles are not available.
  • Online Play - Nintendo's online service does not offer the same features and capabilities as the PlayStation or Xbox online services.
  • Graphics - The Wii's graphics are not as impressive as those of the Xbox or PlayStation consoles.

Best alternatives

  1. Playstation 4 Pro - Sony's latest gaming console with powerful specs.
  2. Xbox One X - Microsoft's most powerful console with 4K support.
  3. Nintendo Switch - a hybrid console that can be plugged into a TV or used as a handheld device.
  4. PC Gaming - a custom-built computer designed for gaming.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Wii Console – The Wii console is the main device for playing Wii games.
  • Wii Remote - The Wii remote is the main controller for the Wii console, and is used to play games.
  • Nunchuk - The Nunchuk is an add-on for the Wii remote that provides additional controls for certain games.
  • Balance Board - The Balance Board is an additional controller for the Wii console that is used to play games that require physical activity, like Wii Fit.
  • Game Discs - Game discs are used to play games on the Wii console.
  • Memory Cards - Memory cards are used to save game data and settings on the Wii console.
  • Component Video Cable - The component video cable is used to connect the Wii console to a high-definition television.
  • Power Adapter - The power adapter is used to power the Wii console.

Common questions

  1. What are the features of the Wii? The Wii console features 512 MB of internal flash memory, two USB 2.0 ports, and built-in Wi-Fi. It also includes a motion-sensing controller that allows users to interact with the on-screen content. The console is capable of connecting to the internet, and features an online store where users can purchase games, applications, and other content.
  2. Does the Wii come with any games? Yes, the Wii console comes with a pre-installed Wii Sports game, which includes five sports: tennis, bowling, golf, baseball, and boxing.
  3. Can I play other types of games on the Wii? Yes, there are a wide variety of games available for the Wii console, from classic and current games, to educational and fitness games. There are also several downloadable titles available for purchase from the Wii Shop Channel.
  4. Are there any accessories available for the Wii? Yes, there are several accessories available for the Wii console, including additional controllers, a sensor bar, a nunchuk, a Wii Zapper, and more.
  5. Does the Wii have any online capabilities? Yes, the Wii console has several online capabilities, including the ability to play online games with friends, access the Wii Shop Channel to purchase and download games, and access the WiiConnect24 service, which allows users to receive automatic game downloads and message friends.


In 2006, the Wii game console was so popular that stores such as Target and Best Buy were selling “Wii bundles” for almost double the console’s actual sale price, due in part to the console’s limited supply in the United States. This prompted Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to comment that "The best way to get a Wii system right now is to enter a store on Sunday and pray." Fils-Aime also noted that the frequent shortages of the system were "very healthy for a new platform". Source

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