How to Buy the Best Brooks Shoes for You

Your Guide to buying the best Brooks


This buying guide provides an in-depth look at the Brooks brand, their products, and the key factors to consider when purchasing. In this guide, you’ll find information on the company’s history and values, a breakdown of their product line, tips on how to choose the right Brooks product for you, and advice on where to buy them. This guide will help you make an informed purchase that fits your individual needs and style.

Key features

  1. Activity type: What type of activity are you looking for in a Brooks product? Do you need running shoes, a casual sneaker, or a lifestyle shoe? Consider your activity needs when selecting a Brooks product.
  2. Size: What size do you wear? Brooks products come in many sizes and widths, so make sure to measure your feet and find the correct size for you.
  3. Style: Consider what style of Brooks product you want. Brooks offers many different styles to choose from such as running shoes, slip-ons, and boots.
  4. Fit: How do you want your Brooks product to fit? Do you prefer a snug fit or a looser fit? Make sure to select a product that fits your needs.
  5. Features: What features do you need for your Brooks product? Brooks products have many different features to choose from such as cushioning, energy return, and water-resistant materials.
  6. Price: What is your budget for a Brooks product? Brooks products range in price, so make sure to set a budget and select a product that fits in it.

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Important considerations


  • Durability - Brooks shoes are designed to last, with a focus on making shoes strong and durable to withstand regular wear and tear.
  • Comfort - Brooks shoes provide superior cushioning, contoured support, and arch support for superior comfort.
  • Style - With a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs, Brooks shoes provide options to match any outfit and any activity.
  • Breathability - Brooks shoes are constructed with breathable materials to keep your feet cool and dry at all times.
  • Versatility - Brooks shoes are suitable for a wide range of activities, from running to hiking to walking to working out.
  • Support - Brooks shoes are designed to provide support to your feet and ankles, helping to reduce the risk of injury.


  • Price: Brooks shoes tend to be more expensive than other brands, so some buyers may not be able to afford them.
  • Availability: Brooks shoes may not be available in all stores, so buyers may have difficulty finding them in their area.
  • Style: Brooks shoes have a limited style selection, so buyers may not find a style that suits their needs.
  • Size: Brooks shoes may not come in a variety of sizes, so buyers may not be able to find a pair of shoes that fits.

Best alternatives

  1. Asics – A popular Japanese brand that produces running shoes with both high comfort and cushioning.
  2. New Balance – A well-known American brand that is known for its durability and stability.
  3. adidas – German brand with a focus on fashion-forward designs and technologies.
  4. Saucony – A reliable American footwear brand that offers a range of shoes for both running and casual wear.
  5. Hoka One One – A brand that focuses on maximal cushioning in their shoes to ensure a comfortable ride.

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Common questions

  1. What kind of running shoes does Brooks make? Brooks produces a variety of running shoes, including cushioned, lightweight, stability, trail, and racing shoes, as well as walking and cross-training shoes.
  2. Are Brooks shoes good for wide feet? Yes, Brooks makes shoes specifically designed for people with wide feet, such as the Brooks Addiction Walker or the Brooks Addiction 13.
  3. What are the most durable Brooks shoes? The Brooks Adrenaline GTS and the Brooks Beast are two of the most durable Brooks shoes.
  4. What is the best Brooks shoe for running? That depends on the type of running you are doing, your foot shape, and your arch type. Some of the best Brooks running shoes include the Brooks Ghost 13, the Brooks Levitate 3, and the Brooks Ricochet.
  5. Is Brooks a good brand? Yes, Brooks is a well-known and respected brand, known for its high-quality shoes and apparel.


One interesting story about Brooks is that when the company was founded in 1914, the founders, Morris and Jim Brubacher, started by producing horse harnesses. After a few years, the brothers decided to start producing shoes and as the demand for shoes increased, the brothers moved production to a larger facility in Pennsylvania, where the company is still headquartered today. Brooks' first running shoes were produced in 1977 and they quickly became an industry leader in running footwear. They have since been innovating and introducing new technologies to the market, such as their revolutionary DNA cushioning system. This system is designed to provide runners with a custom fit, tailored to their exact needs and running style. Sources: ( (

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