How to Buy the Best Smart Bathroom Mirror

Your Guide to buying the best Smart bathroom mirrors


A smart bathroom mirror is a revolutionary innovation that combines the convenience of technology with the practicality of modern bathrooms. With features such as integrated lighting, speakers, and displays, it can serve as a multi-function centerpiece for any bathroom. This buying guide will provide an overview of the different features and considerations for when selecting the best smart bathroom mirror for your needs. We'll explore the different types of mirrors, how to choose the right size, and the various additional features available that enhance the user experience. With this guide, you'll be able to find the perfect bathroom mirror to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Key features

  1. Price: Smart bathroom mirrors can range significantly in price. Consider the features you want and your budget when selecting a product.
  2. Size: Bathroom mirrors come in various sizes, and you want to make sure the one you buy will fit in the space you have available.
  3. Style: Look for a mirror style that fits the overall design and look of your bathroom.
  4. Features: Smart bathroom mirrors usually have features like voice control, motion sensors, built-in speakers, and more. Consider which features you need and which you don't.
  5. Technology: Look for mirrors that are compatible with your existing smart home technology and can be integrated with other connected devices.
  6. Installation: Think about how you will install the mirror. Some models may require professional installation.
  7. Connectivity: Look for a mirror that can be connected to your home's Wi-Fi and other smart devices.
  8. Durability: Make sure the mirror you purchase is made of quality materials and is designed to stand up to moisture and humidity.

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Important considerations


  • Hassle Free Installation: Smart bathroom mirrors come with simple instructions and can easily be installed onto your wall in less than an hour.
  • Convenience: Smart bathroom mirrors provide convenient access to all of your bathroom needs in one device.
  • Intuitive Design and Interface: Smart bathroom mirrors offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Customizable: Smart bathroom mirrors offer customizable options such as lighting, color, and audio settings.
  • Voice Control: Smart bathroom mirrors come with voice-controlled commands for added convenience.
  • Integration with Other Smart Devices: Smart bathroom mirrors can be integrated with other smart devices in your home, such as lights and thermostats.
  • Entertainment: Smart bathroom mirrors come with built-in speakers and provide access to streaming services such as music, movies, and shows.
  • Smart Security: Smart bathroom mirrors come with motion sensors and facial recognition technology for added security.


  • Cost: Smart bathroom mirrors can be quite expensive, especially when compared to traditional mirrors.
  • Installation: Smart bathroom mirrors require professional installation in order to be used properly.
  • Compatibility: Smart bathroom mirrors require compatible home automation hubs and devices in order to work.
  • Maintenance: Smart bathroom mirrors may require regular maintenance and updates to keep them functioning properly.
  • Data Security: Smart bathroom mirrors may store personal data, which could be vulnerable to security threats.

Best alternatives

  1. Lighted Mirrors – Electric mirrors with built-in LED lights that provide bright, even lighting for grooming or shaving.
  2. Motion-Activated Mirrors – Mirrors with sensors that detect movement, automatically lighting up, dimming, or adjusting brightness levels.
  3. Bluetooth Speakers & Mirrors – Mirrors with built-in speakers that pair with mobile devices to stream music or audio.
  4. LED Backlit Mirrors – Mirrors with LED lights installed on the back of the mirror's frame to provide a glowing effect.
  5. Touch Screen Mirrors – Mirrors with touch screens that can be used to access the internet, play music, or adjust settings.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Smart Mirror - a mirror with a built-in LCD screen for displaying information, such as the time, temperature, weather, and so on.
  • Lighting - a set of lights surrounding the mirror for added visibility.
  • Camera - a camera integrated into the mirror for taking pictures and videos.
  • Voice Control - a microphone and speaker allowing for voice control of the mirror.
  • Touchscreen - a touchscreen that allows for the selection and manipulation of pictures, videos, and other content.
  • Wi-Fi - a Wi-Fi connection that enables the mirror to access the Internet.
  • Bluetooth - a Bluetooth connection that allows the mirror to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Battery Pack - a battery pack that allows the mirror to be used without a power outlet.
  • Software - software that allows for the selection and manipulation of pictures, videos, and other content.
  • Remote Control - a remote control that allows for the control of the mirror from a distance.

Common questions

  1. What are the advantages of owning a Smart bathroom mirror?
    • Smart bathroom mirrors offer a wide range of advantages such as voice or gesture control, integrated lighting, music streaming, hands-free calling, voice assistants, motion-activated sensors, and more. It can also provide you with a customized experience such as personalized sunrise/sunset lighting schedules, reminders, and more.
  2. How do Smart bathroom mirrors work?
    • Smart bathroom mirrors are equipped with onboard technology that allows them to recognize voice commands, respond to gestures, integrate with other smart home devices, and more. They typically have built-in Wi-Fi capability and use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to communicate with other smart home devices.
  3. Are Smart bathroom mirrors difficult to install?
    • No, Smart bathroom mirrors are usually easy to install as they come with pre-drilled holes in the back for mounting. However, depending on the model, you may need additional tools such as a drill, screwdriver, and other hardware in order to mount the mirror onto the wall.
  4. What features should I look for in a Smart bathroom mirror?
    • When choosing a Smart bathroom mirror, it is important to consider the features that are important to you such as voice or gesture control, integrated lighting, music streaming, hands-free calling, voice assistants, motion-activated sensors, and more.
  5. Are Smart bathroom mirrors expensive?
    • The cost of Smart bathroom mirrors can vary depending on the features and brand you select. Generally speaking, they can range anywhere from $70 to $400 or more.


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