How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Converse Shoes

Your Guide to buying the best Converse


The Converse buying guide is designed to help shoppers make an informed decision when purchasing their next pair of Converse shoes. This guide will provide an overview of the brand, discuss different types of Converse shoes available, and outline key features and considerations to be aware of before buying. With this guide, shoppers will be able to determine the best Converse shoe to meet their style and budget needs.

Key features

  1. Style - The style of Converse is the first thing shoppers should consider when purchasing a pair. There are many varieties of colors, prints, and textures to choose from, so shoppers should take the time to consider which style best suits their personal aesthetic.
  2. Size - It is important that shoppers know their correct shoe size when ordering a pair of Converse. Converse shoes come in sizes for men, women, and children, and shoppers should order according to their size to ensure a comfortable fit.
  3. Material - Converse shoes are typically made from canvas or leather, and shoppers should consider which material best suits their lifestyle. Canvas is more lightweight and breathable, while leather is more durable and may last longer.
  4. Price - Before purchasing a pair of Converse, shoppers should consider their budget. Converse shoes come in a variety of price ranges, depending on the style and material, so shoppers should make sure to select a pair that fits within their budget.

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Important considerations


  • Durability - Converse shoes are designed for long-term use with their classic rubber toe cap and toe bumper providing extra protection against wear and tear.
  • Style - The iconic design of Converse shoes never goes out of fashion and is available in a variety of colors and styles, perfect for personalizing your look.
  • Price - Converse shoes offer great value for money, whether you’re looking for a classic design or something a little different.
  • Comfort - Converse shoes are designed with comfort in mind and feature a cushioned insole and padded tongue for added support.


  • Price - Converse shoes can be expensive, depending on the style and material.
  • Style Variety - Although there are many styles of Converse shoes available, some people may find them limited.
  • Durability - Over time, some Converse shoes may lose their shape or color.
  • Foot Support - Some styles of Converse shoes may not provide adequate arch support or heel cushioning.

Best alternatives

  1. Vans - a shoe company that also specializes in making canvas shoes, especially popular among skaters.
  2. Adidas - a well-known and popular German brand that makes a variety of shoes.
  3. New Balance - an American shoe company that makes a variety of shoes, including running and lifestyle sneakers.
  4. Puma - another well-known German brand that makes a variety of shoes, including casual sneakers.
  5. Skechers - an American shoe company that makes a variety of shoes, including lifestyle and athletic sneakers.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Shoe Laces - These are the strings which go through the eyelets on a pair of shoes.
  • Insoles - These are removable cushioned padding that can be put inside a shoe to provide extra comfort.
  • Shoe Cleaner - This is a special cleaner that is designed to remove dirt and stains from Converse sneakers.
  • Shoe Protector - This is a spray-on or brush-on substance that helps protect your Converse shoes from scuffs and stains.
  • Shoe Trees - These are wooden or plastic forms that are inserted into the shoes after you take them off to help them keep their shape.
  • Sneaker Dye - This is a special dye designed for use on fabric shoes to restore or change their color.

Common questions

  1. What materials are used to make Converse shoes? Converse shoes are typically made with canvas uppers, rubber soles, and foam cushioning.
  2. What sizes are available for Converse shoes? Converse shoes are available in men's, women's, and kids' sizes ranging from 3-14, in half sizes.
  3. Are Converse shoes true to size? Converse shoes generally run true to size, but can vary depending on the style.
  4. Do Converse shoes come in different colors? Yes, Converse shoes come in a variety of colors and styles.
  5. Are Converse shoes comfortable? Yes, Converse shoes are generally comfortable and feature foam cushioning for an improved fit and feel.
  6. Are Converse shoes suitable for all-day wear? Yes, Converse shoes are designed to be comfortable for all-day wear.
  7. Are Converse shoes waterproof? No, Converse shoes are not waterproof, however, some styles may feature water-resistant materials.
  8. Are Converse shoes durable? Yes, Converse shoes are designed to be durable and long-lasting.
  9. Do Converse shoes come with a warranty? Yes, Converse shoes come with a limited one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


In 1914, the first Converse basketball shoe was invented by the company's founder, Marquis Mills Converse. The funny part? The shoe was initially called the “Non-skid” and it had a rubber sole to help players stop more quickly and pivot better! The shoe also had a funny feature added to the sole that allowed players to “scuff” the court floor for better traction. The shoe was so successful that it was adopted as the official shoe of the American Basketball Association in 1921. Today, the classic model is still one of the most popular basketball shoes in the world. Source: Converse History

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