How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard with RGB Lighting

Your Guide to buying the best Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting


Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting offer an immersive gaming experience for users. They allow you to switch between multiple devices with ease, and the RGB lighting adds a vibrant and unique aesthetic to your gaming setup. In this comprehensive buying guide, we’ll provide you with useful information to consider when looking for a Bluetooth gaming keyboard with RGB lighting. We’ll discuss the different design and specifications that are available, and provide you with helpful tips to ensure you make the right purchase for your gaming needs.

Key features

  1. Wireless or Wired - First, decide whether the keyboard should be wireless or wired. Wireless keyboards provide more flexibility and portability, but wired keyboards are usually more reliable with better performance.
  2. Connectivity - Consider what type of connection the keyboard should have. Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, and wired USB are the most common connection types used in gaming keyboards.
  3. RGB Lighting - Look for a keyboard that has customizable RGB lighting options. Choose one that has multiple preset effects and adjustable brightness levels.
  4. Macro Keys - Many gaming keyboards come with programmable macro keys. These keys can be used to automate certain tasks in games and make game-play more efficient.
  5. Keyboard Switches - Consider the type of keyboard switches the keyboard is using. Mechanical switches are more durable and provide a better response time while membrane switches are quieter and more affordable.
  6. Ergonomics - Look for a keyboard that is comfortable to use. Check for features such as adjustable height, wrist rests, and split keyboard designs to find one that fits your body type.

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Important considerations


  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting offer the convenience of wired gaming keyboards without the hassle of having cords and cables taking up space and dragging around your desk while gaming.
  • RGB Lighting: RGB lighting adds a visually appealing aesthetic to your gaming setup, as well as allowing you to customize your keyboard and lighting effects in a variety of ways.
  • Programmable Macros: Many Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting come with the ability to program macros, which allows you to easily perform complex commands by pressing a single key.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility: Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting offer the ability to easily switch between devices and platforms, allowing you to seamlessly transition from PC gaming to console gaming without having to buy a new keyboard.
  • Durability: Many Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting are designed to be sturdy and durable, often with water-resistant keyboards and anti-ghosting technology for accurate keystrokes.


  • Price - Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting tend to be more expensive than standard gaming keyboards.
  • Battery Life - The battery life of a Bluetooth gaming keyboard may not be enough to last through extensive gaming sessions.
  • Compatibility - Not all Bluetooth gaming keyboards are compatible with all gaming platforms, so buyers should check to make sure their keyboard is compatible with theirs before purchasing.
  • Functionality - Bluetooth gaming keyboards may have fewer features and functions than standard gaming keyboards, which could limit a buyer’s gaming experience.
  • Connectivity Issues - Bluetooth keyboards can sometimes experience connection issues, resulting in lag or dropped input.

Best alternatives

  1. Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboards - Generally similar to Bluetooth keyboards, but plug into a USB port to provide a more reliable connection.
  2. Membrane Gaming Keyboards - These keyboards are usually cheaper than mechanical keyboards, but don't offer the same tactile feel.
  3. Customizable Keypads - These are small, programmable keyboards designed to provide a high level of control for gaming.
  4. Gaming Keycaps - These custom keycaps are designed to fit over your existing keyboard keys and provide a unique feel and look.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Bluetooth Dongle - a small device that connects to a computer which allows it to connect to a Bluetooth gaming keyboard.
  • Mouse/Keyboard - A wireless mouse and/or keyboard with a USB receiver that allows you to connect to your Bluetooth gaming keyboard.
  • RGB Lighting Kit - A set of lights that can be connected to the keyboard for a custom lighting effect.
  • Gaming Software - A software program that allows you to customize and program your keyboard’s settings.
  • Gaming Headset - A headset with a microphone and speakers that allow you to communicate with other players during online gaming.

Common questions

  1. What is RGB lighting?
    RGB lighting is a type of lighting found on gaming keyboards that uses three different colors (red, green, and blue) to display different colors and effects.
  2. What is the difference between wired and wireless gaming keyboards?
    Wired keyboards are connected to the computer via a USB cable while wireless keyboards are connected via Bluetooth and use a battery to power the device. Wireless keyboards offer the advantage of being able to be used from a distance, while wired keyboards offer a more reliable connection.
  3. What are the advantages of Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting?
    Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting offer advantages such as portability, being able to be used from a distance, and the ability to customize the keyboard’s lighting effects.
  4. What type of switches are available in Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting?
    Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting typically use mechanical switches, which are more durable and offer better tactile feedback.
  5. Are Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting compatible with all computers?
    Bluetooth gaming keyboards with RGB lighting are compatible with most computers, however, some keyboards may need additional drivers or software to be installed for full compatibility.


A recent study from the University of Colorado Boulder found that RGB lighting on Bluetooth gaming keyboards may actually increase cognitive abilities. The study found that participants who used these keyboards were able to perform tasks quicker and with more accuracy, indicating that the lighting may provide a cognitive benefit. Furthermore, the study found that the RGB lighting could be used to improve the accuracy of tasks by acting as a visual cue to aid the user in focusing on the task at hand. This could be especially beneficial for gamers who need to react quickly and accurately. Source

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