How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Tracker for Your Needs

Your Guide to buying the best Bluetooth trackers


Bluetooth trackers are small electronic devices designed to help you keep track of your valuable items. They use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone or other device, making it easy to locate items you might otherwise lose or misplace. This buying guide will help you find the right Bluetooth tracker for your needs, from battery life and range to data storage and more. We’ll provide an overview of key features to consider, plus helpful tips on how to get the most out of your Bluetooth tracker.

Key features

  1. Range/Connectivity: It is important to consider the range and connectivity of the Bluetooth tracker. Make sure to check the product specifications to find out the maximum distance and the type of connection (i.e. Classic Bluetooth, BLE, etc).
  2. Battery Life: Bluetooth trackers rely on batteries that need to be replaced or recharged. Check the battery life indicated by the manufacturer, and make sure to factor in any additional power consumption due to continuous tracking or other features.
  3. Size/Weight: Consider the size and weight of the Bluetooth tracker. Look for trackers that are small enough to attach to your belongings without being too noticeable or bulky.
  4. Alarm/Notification: Many Bluetooth trackers offer an alarm or notification feature to alert you when the tracker is out of range or lost. Make sure to check the type of notification (i.e. audio, visual, or both) and any additional features or settings.
  5. Durability/Protection: Check for any information about the durability or protection of the Bluetooth tracker. Make sure to factor in any environmental or weather conditions that may affect the durability or performance of the tracker.
  6. Additional Features: Check for any additional features offered by the Bluetooth tracker such as remote control, tracking history, or location sharing. These features can be useful for certain applications, so make sure to factor them into your purchase decision.

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Important considerations


  • Portability: Bluetooth trackers can be used to quickly and easily locate items such as wallets, keys, and purses, as they are small and lightweight.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth trackers provide a secure connection to gadgets, allowing users to find their lost items easily.
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth trackers are compatible with a variety of different devices, making them a great choice for people who own multiple gadgets.
  • Accuracy: Bluetooth trackers are able to locate items accurately and quickly, so users can find their lost items with ease.
  • Durability: Bluetooth trackers are designed to be weatherproof and waterproof, making them great for outdoor activities or rough conditions.
  • Battery Life: Bluetooth trackers come with long-lasting batteries that can last up to a year without needing to be recharged.


  • Battery Life Concerns: Bluetooth trackers often have a limited battery life, which means customers need to be prepared to replace batteries in a timely manner.
  • Short Range: Bluetooth trackers usually have a short-range, so they may not be suitable for tracking items that are outside of a close vicinity.
  • Compatibility Issues: Customers should be sure to check device compatibility before purchasing a Bluetooth tracker, as some devices may not be compatible with their device or operating system.
  • Cost: Bluetooth trackers can be costly, and usually require an additional purchase for a receiver or app.

Best alternatives

    GPS Trackers - Devices that use satellite signals to provide real-time tracking information. Radio Frequency Trackers - Devices that use radio signals to transmit location evidence to a base station or receiver. RFID Trackers - A tag on an object that transmits a signal to a reader to identify and track the object. Ultrasonic Trackers - A device that sends out ultrasonic waves to detect the presence of an object and provide its location. Infrared Trackers - A device that uses infrared signals to detect objects in its field of view. Acoustic Trackers - Devices that use sound waves to detect objects in their vicinity and provide location data.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Bluetooth tracker – A device that uses Bluetooth technology to provide location tracking of nearby objects.
  • Smartphone app – An application that connects to a Bluetooth tracker and allows users to monitor the location of the tracker.
  • Batteries – Batteries are typically required to power a Bluetooth tracker.
  • Replacement parts – Replacement parts may be required to keep the tracker working properly.
  • Adhesive mounting accessories – Adhesive mounting accessories are used to mount a Bluetooth tracker to a surface.

Common questions

  1. What is a Bluetooth tracker?
    A Bluetooth tracker is a device that uses Bluetooth technology to help keep track of valuable items such as keys, wallets, and luggage. It connects to a user's smartphone and can be used to locate the item if it's lost or if it's out of range.
  2. What are the benefits of using a Bluetooth tracker?
    The main benefit of using a Bluetooth tracker is peace of mind. With a Bluetooth tracker, you can easily keep track of your belongings and easily find them if they ever get lost or misplaced. It also helps to keep items secure, as it will alert you if they ever leave the range of your smartphone.
  3. Are Bluetooth trackers waterproof?
    Most Bluetooth trackers are not waterproof, although some are water-resistant. It's important to check the specifications of the device you are considering to see if it is waterproof or water-resistant.
  4. What range do Bluetooth trackers have?
    The range of a Bluetooth tracker depends on the device, but generally it has a range of up to 100 feet. Some devices may have a longer range, so it is important to check the specifications of the device you are considering.
  5. Do Bluetooth trackers work with all smartphones?
    Most Bluetooth trackers are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. However, it's important to check the specifications of the device you are considering, as some may be limited to certain operating systems.


In May 2019, a Bluetooth tracker was used to reunite a lost parrot with its owner in Germany. After the parrot, named 'Polly', flew away, the owner connected a Bluetooth tracker to her pet's cage before setting it outside her apartment. The tracker was able to locate Polly to a nearby tree and the owner was able to successfully reunite with her beloved pet. Source

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