How to Choose the Best Grilling Gloves

Your Guide to buying the best grilling gloves


Grilling can be a fun and delicious activity, but it also has the potential to be dangerous if proper precautions aren't taken. Wearing the right pair of grilling gloves can help protect you from the intense temperatures and flame exposure associated with cooking on a grill. This buying guide provides an overview of the features shoppers should look for when selecting grilling gloves, so they can ensure their hands are properly protected while they enjoy their food.

Key features

  1. Material - Look for gloves that are made of heat-resistant materials, such as leather, silicone, or Kevlar, that can protect your hands from heat and burns.
  2. Heat protection - Check that the gloves offer a high level of protection against heat, with a heat-resistant rating that can handle temperatures up to 450 degrees or more.
  3. Grip - Ensuring the gloves have a good grip will ensure you have a better grip on hot materials and prevent slips or drops.
  4. Size - Buy gloves that fit your hands correctly so that you can move freely and be comfortable while grilling.
  5. Cleaning - Check for gloves that are easy to clean, such as those that are machine washable or can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

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Important considerations


  • Heat-resistant and durable - Grilling gloves offer heat-resistant protection and can last through many uses.
  • Various sizes - Depending on the type of glove, sizes can range from small to extra large and fit most hands.
  • Flexible - The material of grilling gloves is designed to be flexible, allowing you to easily grip and move items on the grill.
  • Protection - Grilling gloves offer protection from heat and flames, as well as from the sharp edges of utensils, tools, and other items used on the grill.
  • Easy to clean - Many gloves are also designed to be easily wiped down and cleaned between uses.
  • Multi-purpose - Grilling gloves can also be used for other hot-surface tasks such as removing hot pans from the oven or working with hot liquids.


  • Material: Grilling gloves are typically made from either leather or synthetic material. If you want to avoid burning yourself, it is important to make sure the glove material can withstand high temperatures. Synthetic gloves are typically cheaper than leather ones, but they may not be as heat-resistant.
  • Fit & Comfort: Grilling gloves need to fit properly so that you can easily grip and move whatever you’re cooking. If the gloves are too tight or too loose, you may find it difficult to maneuver what you’re cooking. Additionally, because you will be wearing the gloves for a long period of time, it is important to make sure they are comfortable.
  • Durability: Durability is important for grilling gloves, as you want to make sure they will last for multiple uses. Look for gloves that are made with high-quality materials, such as heat-resistant leather, to ensure longevity.
  • Price: Grilling gloves come in a wide range of prices. While you may be tempted to go for the cheapest option, it is important to consider the quality and features of the gloves before making a decision.

Best alternatives

  1. Grill Mitts - Heat-resistant gloves designed to protect hands from direct flame and heat, often made with thick padding or insulation.
  2. Grill Aprons - A protective apron made from heat-resistant fabric to shield the body and clothes from flame and heat.
  3. Grill Tongs - A tool used to pick up and handle hot grilling foods, often made with heat-resistant handles.
  4. Grill Brush - A brush used to clean the grates while cooking, often made with a heat-resistant handle.
  5. Grill Cover - A protective cover used to protect the grill from dirt and debris when not in use.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Griller's Toolset - A set of essential tools for grilling, such as tongs, spatulas, grills, and brushes.
  • Heat Resistant Mitts - Heat-resistant mitts to protect hands from heat and flames.
  • Heat Resistant Apron - An apron that is made of heat-resistant material to protect clothes from heat.
  • Grill Brushes - Brushes designed to clean and scrub grills.
  • Grill Covers - Covers designed to protect grills from the elements.
  • Grill Mats - Mats designed to protect the surface beneath the grill from heat and grease.

Common questions

  1. What kind of material are grilling gloves made of? Grilling gloves are typically made of heat-resistant materials such as silicone, neoprene, nitrile, and other flame-resistant fabrics.
  2. Do the gloves come in different sizes? Yes, most grilling gloves are available in a variety of sizes to suit different hand sizes.
  3. Can I use grilling gloves for other activities? Grilling gloves are designed specifically for high-heat activities like grilling and barbecuing. They may not be appropriate for other activities like outdoor gardening, so it's best to check the manufacturer's instructions before using them for other tasks.
  4. What features should I look for when choosing grilling gloves? Look for grilling gloves that provide good heat protection, are flexible and comfortable to wear, and have a non-slip grip for better grip and control.
  5. Are grilling gloves waterproof? Most grilling gloves are not waterproof, but some are water-resistant, so it's best to check the manufacturer's instructions before purchasing.
  6. Are grilling gloves machine washable? Most grilling gloves are not machine washable, but some can be hand washed with warm water and a mild detergent.


An interesting fact about grilling gloves is that NASA reportedly developed a similar material for use during space flights. The material used by NASA was designed to be heat and flame resistant and provide dexterity and flexibility to astronauts so they could safely handle objects in space. This material was eventually adapted for use in grilling gloves and can now be found in many kitchen stores. Source

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