How to Choose the Best Key Clip

Your Guide to buying the best Key Clip


A key clip is an essential accessory for anyone who needs to keep their keys safe and accessible. Whether you're looking for a stylish option for everyday use or a utilitarian option for the outdoors, there is a key clip to fit your needs. This buying guide will provide helpful information on the different types of key clips available, as well as advice on how to choose the best key clip for your lifestyle and needs. We'll also take a look at the features that make key clips so convenient and practical, and explore the different materials and designs available. So whether you're looking for something to keep your keys organized, or you need a dependable way to keep them secure in any situation, this guide will help you find the perfect key clip.

Key features

  • Material: The material used to make the key clip will determine its durability and wear-resistance. Consider if you want a stainless steel or plastic key clip.
  • Size: The size of the key clip is an important factor to consider, as it will determine how many keys can be stored. Make sure the size is appropriate for the number of keys you plan to carry.
  • Design: You should select a key clip with a design that best suits your needs. Consider a carabiner or snap hook option for easier access.
  • Clip Strength: The clip strength of the key clip should be compatible with the weight of the items you wish to attach, such as keys or lanyards.
  • Usability: The key clip should be easy to open and close. Consider if you need a spring clip or a locking clip, depending on your needs.
  • Price: Selecting a key clip within your budget is important to ensure you get the most value for your money.

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Important considerations


  • Portability - Key Clips are small and lightweight, making them easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • Durability - Key clips are made from durable material and will hold up to everyday wear and tear.
  • Easy to use - Key clips are designed to be user-friendly and make it easy to keep your keys organized.
  • Variety of styles - Key clips are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to meet your needs.
  • Affordable - Key clips are typically very affordable and a great value for the money.


  • Size: Key clips can come in a variety of sizes, making it difficult to determine which size is best for a particular key size.
  • Durability: Key clips are typically made of plastic, which can be more prone to breaking or cracking than metal options.
  • Weight: Key clips can add quite a bit of weight to a key ring, making it difficult to carry.
  • Security: Key clips may not provide as much security as traditional key rings, as it is possible for someone to open the clip without a key.
  • Price: Key clips can be more expensive than traditional key rings.

Best alternatives

  1. Carabiner Clip - A strong metal clip commonly used for attaching items such as keys to a belt loop or bag.
  2. Key Chain - A ring or loop with attached items such as keys.
  3. Magnetic Key Holder - A holder with a strong magnet that can be adhered to a variety of surfaces to store a set of keys.
  4. Key Lanyard - A small cord or strap used to attach multiple items together, such as a set of keys.
  5. Key Fob - A small, key-shaped device for holding keys together.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Key Clip - A device used to securely hold keys, often attached to a belt, purse, or zipper.
  • Key Rings - Rings used to store and attach sets of keys, may also be attached to a belt or zipper.
  • Keychain - A small chain attached to a key ring, used to easily carry and find keys.
  • Split Ring - A type of key ring with a hinged joint that allows keys to be quickly added and removed.
  • Carabiner - A metal loop with two spring-loaded arms, used to securely attach items to a belt, purse, or key chain.
  • Bead Chain - A plastic chain with a split ring at one end, used to attach multiple keys together.

Common questions

  1. What size of Key Clip should I buy? The size of the key clip you should buy will depend on the size of your keyring or lanyard. For smaller keyrings, you may want to opt for a mini-sized clip, while larger keyrings may require a larger clip.
  2. What material is Key Clip made of? Key clips are usually made of metal, plastic, or a combination of both. Metal clips may provide a more secure hold, while plastic clips may be lighter and more economical.
  3. Can Key Clips be used with other items? Yes, key clips can be used to attach other items, such as ID cards, wallets, and even lanyards.
  4. Are there other uses for Key Clips? Yes, key clips can also be used to secure keys to backpacks, purses, or other items, making them easier to find and more secure.
  5. How do I attach my Key Clip? Attach your key clip by looping it through the eyelets on your keyring or lanyard. Alternatively, you can use a carabiner or a screw to secure the clip to your item.


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