How to Choose the Best Singer Stylist Sewing Machine

Your Guide to buying the best Singer Stylist


The Singer Stylist buying guide is designed to help prospective buyers make an informed choice when selecting a sewing machine. This guide will provide an unbiased look at the features, performance, and value of the Singer Stylist range, enabling buyers to find the perfect sewing machine for their needs. We will also discuss the various accessories and attachments available, as well as provide some useful tips on maintaining and caring for your machine. By the end of this guide, you will be able to make an educated decision to purchase the best Singer Stylist for your sewing endeavors.

Key features

  • Sewing Machine Type – Consider if you prefer a mechanical or computerized sewing machine. Singer Stylist models can be either manual or computerized.
  • Number of Stitches – Singer Stylist models come with a wide range of stitch options. Consider if more or fewer stitch options would suit your sewing needs.
  • Buttonhole Options – Install a buttonhole foot and select from a variety of automatic one-step buttonhole options.
  • Extension Table – Many Singer Stylist models come with an extension table included for added quilting and sewing space.
  • Built-in Accessories – Singer Stylist models come with a variety of built-in accessories, such as bobbins, presser feet, and needles.
  • Sewing Speed – Singer Stylist sewing machines can handle up to 1,000 stitches per minute. Consider if a faster or slower speed would be best for your sewing needs.
  • Warranty – Singer Stylist models come with a 25-year limited warranty.

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Important considerations


  • Portability - Singer Stylist is a lightweight and portable sewing machine, making it ideal for quilting, crafting, and home decor projects on the go.
  • Customizable Stitches - Singer Stylist offers a variety of custom stitches and features, allowing you to customize your projects to your exact needs.
  • Automatic Threading - Singer Stylist offers an automatic threading feature, eliminating the need for manual threading and allowing you to quickly and easily complete sewing projects.
  • Ease of Use - The Singer Stylist is designed with an intuitive user interface, making it easy to learn and use, even for beginner sewers.
  • Powerful Motor - The Singer Stylist is powered by a powerful motor, allowing it to handle even the most demanding sewing tasks with ease.
  • Accessories - Singer Stylist comes with a variety of accessories, including a carrying case, foot pedal, and more, making it a great choice for a wide variety of sewing projects.


  • Price: Singer Stylist machines can be expensive, especially if you are looking for a machine with more features.
  • Accessories: Depending on the model and package you choose, the accessories that come with the Singer Stylist may be limited.
  • Durability: Singer Stylist machines are not known for their durability, and may need to be replaced after a few years of use.
  • Noise: Singer Stylist machines can be quite noisy when in use.
  • Weight: Singer Stylist models can be quite heavy, which may be difficult to move and store.
  • Limited Features: While Singer Stylist machines may have a few features, they are usually more limited than those found on more expensive models.

Best alternatives

    Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine - A lightweight and computerized sewing machine designed for quilting, garment construction, home décor and crafting. Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine - A powerful and reliable machine suited for a variety of heavy fabrics and projects. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine - A computerized sewing machine with 600 built-in stitches for quilting, appliqué, garment construction and more. Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine - A lightweight and versatile machine for quilting, garment construction, crafting and home décor projects. Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine - An easy-to-use machine with a wide range of stitches, a bright LED display and a one-step buttonhole.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Bobbins - Spools of thread that are inserted into the bobbin case of the Singer Stylist.
  • Needles - Needles of different sizes to fit the fabric being stitched.
  • Seam Ripper - A sharp tool used to remove stitches.
  • Presser Foot - An accessory that holds the fabric down while stitching.
  • Scissors - Used to cut fabric and thread.
  • Thread - Thread of various colors to match the fabric being used.
  • Measuring Tape - Used to measure fabric before cutting.
  • Thimble - A metal ring used to protect the fingertips while sewing.

Common questions

  1. What are the features of the Singer Stylist? The Singer Stylist is a professional-grade sewing machine that features a range of built-in stitches, an automatic needle threader, adjustable presser foot pressure, a top drop-in bobbin, a single-touch automatic thread cutter, and a one-step buttonhole.
  2. How much does the Singer Stylist cost? The Singer Stylist typically retails for around $300, depending on the specific model.
  3. Does the Singer Stylist come with additional accessories? Yes, the Singer Stylist typically comes with an array of additional accessories, such as various presser feet, bobbins, needles, and thread.
  4. Which types of fabric can the Singer Stylist sew? The Singer Stylist is designed to work with a range of fabrics, including cotton, silk, linens, corduroy, and synthetic fabrics.
  5. Is the Singer Stylist easy to use? Yes, the Singer Stylist is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It has an LCD screen for easy navigation and selection, as well as a variety of automatic features for convenience.
  6. Does the Singer Stylist have any warranty coverage? Yes, the Singer Stylist typically comes with a 25-year limited warranty.


Singer Stylist is actually a subsidiary of SVP Worldwide, the world's largest manufacturer of sewing machines with over 50 brands, including the famous Singer brand. The company is celebrating its 160th anniversary this year, and has remained a family business since it was founded in 1851. In addition to Singer Stylist, SVP Worldwide also owns brands like Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff, White, and more. Source

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