How to Choose the Best Smart Clothes Steamer

Your Guide to buying the best Smart clothes steamers


A Smart clothes steamer is a convenient tool for freshening up clothes and removing wrinkles. It is an easy-to-use and efficient way to make sure all of your garments look their best. This buying guide provides an overview of the types of Smart clothes steamers available, their features, and their benefits. It will also explain how to choose the right steamer for your needs and provide advice on maintenance and safety. With this information, you can be sure to make the best purchase for your clothing care needs.

Key features

  1. Power - Look for a steamer with the highest wattage as this means it will produce more steam and heat up quicker.
  2. Size - Consider the size of the steamer you need based on how often you plan to steam and how much clothes you will need to steam at once.
  3. Safety Features - Make sure the steamer you are considering has special features like an auto shut-off if left unattended or a safety valve to prevent overheating.
  4. Durability - Look for a steamer with a durable exterior material that won't corrode or rust over time.
  5. Ease of Use - Find a steamer with adjustable steam levels and a large tank capacity for continuous steaming.
  6. Additional Features - Consider investing in a steamer that offers additional features like variable steam settings, dual-voltage, and a hose attachment.
  7. Price - Set a budget for your steamer and compare units within your desired price range to find the best deal.

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Important considerations


  • Convenience: Smart clothes steamers are easy to use and require less manual labor than traditional steamers.
  • Portability: Smart clothes steamers are typically lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • Time-Saving: Smart clothes steamers are designed to provide quick and efficient steaming with minimal effort.
  • Wrinkle-Free: Smart clothes steamers eliminate wrinkles and help keep clothes looking new for longer.
  • Safe on All Fabrics: Smart clothes steamers are designed to be safe to use on all fabrics, including delicate ones.


  • Price: Smart Clothes Steamers are usually more expensive than conventional steamers, making them less accessible for consumers with limited budgets.
  • Complexity: Smart Clothes Steamers typically have more features and require more setup than regular steamers, which could be confusing and time-consuming for some users.
  • Maintenance: Smart Clothes Steamers often require more regular maintenance than regular steamers, such as descaling, and may require the purchase of additional cleaning supplies.
  • Size: Smart Clothes Steamers tend to be larger than regular steamers, making them more difficult to store away when not in use.
  • Durability: Smart Clothes Steamers may have a shorter lifespan than regular steamers due to the complexity of the electronics involved.

Best alternatives

  1. Iron - Traditional method of pressing clothes using a heated metal plate.
  2. Garment Steamer - Uses hot steam to remove wrinkles from fabric, uses less energy than an iron.
  3. Handheld Clothes Steamer - Portable version of garment steamers, ideal for travel.
  4. Steam Mop - Uses steam to clean and sanitize floors and other surfaces.
  5. Steam Cleaner - A more powerful version of the steam mop, used to deep clean carpets and upholstery.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Garment rack - To hang clothes and accessories for steaming.
  • Ironing board - To place clothes on while steaming.
  • Steam hose - Hose used to supply steam from the steamer.
  • Steam nozzle - Nozzle attached to the steam hose to direct the steam to the fabric.
  • Steam brush - Brush attachment used to steam delicate fabrics.
  • Water tank - Reservoir for water used to generate steam.
  • Steam dial/knob - Dial or knob used to adjust the flow of steam.
  • Heat timer - Timer used to set the amount of time the steamer will remain on.
  • Steam hose wrap - Wrap to store the steam hose when it is not in use.

Common questions

  1. What type of clothes steamers are available? Clothes steamers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most common types of steamers are hand-held, upright, and garment steamers. Hand-held steamers are the most portable option, while upright steamers are larger and bulkier but offer more power for larger items. Garment steamers are mounted on a tripod and are best for larger items or multiple items.
  2. How does a Smart clothes steamer work? A Smart clothes steamer uses steam to remove wrinkles from clothing and other fabric items. The steam is created by heating water in the steamer's reservoir, which then passes through a steam wand. The steam wand is then used to direct the steam to the clothing item, and as the steam enters the fabric the wrinkles are released.
  3. What type of fabrics can be steamed with a Smart clothes steamer? Smart clothes steamers can be used on most fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk, and synthetic materials. It is important to read the instructions that come with the steamer to make sure that it is suitable for the type of fabric you are steaming.
  4. How often should a Smart clothes steamer be cleaned? Smart clothes steamers should be cleaned regularly to prevent limescale buildup. It is recommended to descale the steamer at least once a month, or more depending on how often it is used. Cleaning the steamer is easy and should be done by running a mixture of vinegar and water through the steamer.
  5. What accessories are available for Smart clothes steamers? A variety of accessories are available for Smart clothes steamers, including fabric brushes, lint rollers, and protective bags. These accessories can help to improve the steaming process and protect the fabric from damage.
  6. Are Smart clothes steamers safe to use? Yes, Smart clothes steamers are safe to use, as long as they are used according to the instructions provided. It is important to read the instructions carefully before using the steamer to ensure that it is used correctly and safely.


A funny fact about smart clothes steamers is that some models come with a voice-activated control system that allows you to give them commands. For example, a user can say “steam my suit” and the steamer will do the rest. This is a great feature for those who are multitasking and don’t have time to adjust the settings by themselves. Additionally, some steamers come with a built-in LED light that illuminates the fabric and allows for more precise steaming. Sources: Best Reviews Guide and Digital Trends.

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