How to Choose the Best Washable Bed

Your Guide to buying the best Washable Bed


This buying guide provides an in-depth look at washable beds, from what features to look for when shopping to detailed information on the benefits of owning one. We'll cover different types of washable beds, the materials they're typically made of, and the various features available. We'll also look at the advantages of washable beds compared to traditional beds, including ease of maintenance and convenience. Finally, we'll offer tips and advice for choosing the best washable bed for you and your lifestyle.

Key features

  1. Material: What material is the bed made of? Look for quality materials such as 100% cotton, linen, polyester or a blend of these materials.
  2. Breathability: Is the bed breathable? Breathable materials will help to regulate body temperature and minimize sweat and body odors.
  3. Size: What size bed is it? Make sure to measure your bed frame and purchase a bedding set that fits properly.
  4. Care Instructions: How do you wash it? Read the care instructions prior to purchasing to make sure you have the necessary supplies and time to properly care for the bedding.
  5. Style/Color: Does the bed fit into your overall style? Consider the color, pattern and texture to make sure it will fit into your existing decor.
  6. Durability: How long will it last? Some materials are designed to withstand regular washing and wear better than others.

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Important considerations


  • Easy to maintain - Washable beds are much easier to maintain than traditional beds because they can be machine washed and dried, saving time and energy.
  • Cost effective - Washable beds are more cost effective than traditional beds, as they don’t require frequent replacement of sheets and other bedding.
  • Comfort - The fabrics used to make washable beds are often softer and more comfortable than traditional bedding fabrics, providing a more luxurious sleeping experience.
  • Durability - Washable beds are much more durable than traditional beds, as their fabric materials are more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Allergy relief - Traditional bedding can often contain allergens and dust mites that can worsen existing allergies. Washable beds are made with materials that are resistant to dust mites and allergens, providing relief from allergies.


  • Cost: Washable bedding may be more expensive than traditional bedding.
  • Maintenance: Washable bedding will need to be washed regularly, so it may require more time and energy to maintain than traditional bedding.
  • Durability: Washable bedding may not last as long as traditional bedding, as it will fray and wear with regular washing.
  • Drying Time: Washable bedding can take a significant amount of time to dry, depending on the fabric and how much water has been used.

Best alternatives

  1. Memory foam mattress - A contouring mattress that conforms to your body and provides a more supportive sleep surface.
  2. Latex mattress - A durable, eco-friendly mattress option that offers excellent support and motion isolation.
  3. Hybrid mattress - A combination of pocket coils and foam layers that provide support and pressure relief.
  4. Innerspring mattress - A traditional mattress option that contains metal coils for support and comfort.
  5. Airbed mattress - An adjustable mattress that uses air chambers to provide support and cushioning for any sleep position.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Washable Mattress Cover - Made of waterproof material that helps protect the mattress from everyday wear and tear.
  • Washable Pillows - Made of a machine-washable fabric that can be washed and dried regularly, helping to keep your pillows fresh.
  • Washable Mattress Pad - A layer of quilted fabric that is placed between the mattress and the bedding, helping to protect the mattress from moisture and dirt.
  • Waterproof Mattress Protector - A lightweight sheet of plastic or fabric that is placed on top of the mattress and helps to protect it from liquids, dust, and other contaminants.
  • Fitted Sheet - A fitted sheet is designed to fit securely over a mattress and can be removed and washed regularly.
  • Bed Skirts - A bed skirt is a decorative fabric that is draped over the bottom of the bed frame, and can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • Bed Frame - A bed frame is an important part of a washable bed, and should be made of a material that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Bedside Table - A bedside table provides storage space for items and should be made of a material that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Pillow Cases - Pillow cases are designed to protect the pillows from dirt and dust, and should be made of a fabric that is easy to wash and dry.

Common questions

  1. What are the benefits of a Washable Bed?
    • A Washable Bed is easy to keep clean – it can be washed in a washing machine, eliminating the need for buying a new bed every few years.
    • Washable Beds are often made from more natural materials than traditional beds, offering a comfortable and luxurious sleep experience.
    • Washable Beds are often more affordable than traditional beds, making them a great option for those on a budget.
  2. Are Washable Beds durable?
    • Yes, Washable Beds are usually quite durable, as they are designed to withstand the rigors of machine washing. They are designed to hold up over time and should last for several years.
  3. What type of fabric is best for a Washable Bed?
    • Cotton is the most common fabric for Washable Beds, as it is highly absorbent and offers superior comfort. However, synthetic fabrics such as polyester can also work well for Washable Beds.
  4. How often should I wash my Washable Bed?
    • It is recommended to wash your Washable Bed every few months to keep it free from dirt and bacteria. You should also spot clean it as needed, as this is more effective than washing the entire bed all at once.
  5. What should I look for when comparing Washable Beds?
    • When shopping for a Washable Bed, you should look for one that is made of high-quality materials that can withstand machine washing. Additionally, look for a bed with the right size and comfort level for you, as well as one that fits your budget.


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