How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Blundstone Boots

Your Guide to buying the best Blundstone


This Blundstone buying guide is designed to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing Blundstone boots. We will look at the different styles and features of Blundstone boots, the materials used to create them, and the best places to buy them. We will also provide tips on how to care for your Blundstones so that you can get the most out of them. With this guide, you will know everything you need to know about Blundstone boots and be ready to make a wise purchase.

Key features

  1. Style – There are a variety of Blundstone boot styles available, from classic lace-up boots to pull-ons. Consider which style best suits your needs, taking into account the weather and terrain you’ll be wearing them in.
  2. Size – Blundstones are available in U.S. and U.K. sizes. Make sure to measure your foot carefully and consult the sizing chart to ensure you get a perfect fit.
  3. Insulation – Blundstones come with a range of insulation levels, from uninsulated to heavily insulated. Choose the best insulation level for your needs, taking into account the temperature and climate you will be wearing them in.
  4. Sole – Blundstones feature a variety of sole types, from thick, supportive soles to lightweight, flexible soles. Consider the type of terrain you’ll be walking on to choose the right sole for the job.
  5. Durability – Blundstone boots are known for their longevity and toughness. Consider the type of materials used in the construction of the boot to ensure it lasts for years.
  6. Price – Blundstone boots are available at a range of prices. Consider your budget and choose a pair that fits into it.

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Important considerations


  • Durability - Blundstone boots are made from premium leathers, high-grade rubbers, and other high-quality materials, making them extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • Comfort - Blundstone boots are designed to provide superior comfort and shock absorption for all-day wear.
  • Support - Blundstone boots provide an ergonomic fit with superior arch support and a cushioned insole to ensure comfort and stability.
  • Style - Blundstone boots come in a variety of classic and modern styles, ensuring that there is a style that will suit any taste.
  • Versatility - Blundstone boots are designed to suit both outdoor and indoor activities, from work to leisure.


  • Price: Blundstone boots are more expensive than other types of boots, making them unaffordable for some customers.
  • Style: Blundstone boots have a unique style that may not suit everyone’s taste.
  • Durability: Blundstone boots may not last as long as other brands of boots due to their construction and materials.
  • Tight Fit: Blundstone boots tend to have a tighter fit than other types of boots, which may not be comfortable for some people.
  • Limited Color Options: Blundstone boots only come in a limited range of colors, so customers may not find the exact color they are looking for.

Best alternatives

  1. Redback - A classic Australian boot made from 100% leather. They feature a steel toe cap and a slip resistant sole for improved safety and traction.
  2. Dr. Martens - Offering a range of boots and shoes with a classic style and comfort, Dr. Martens are popular for their durability and long-lasting construction.
  3. Grenson - A British shoemaker known for their handmade and handmade-look shoes, Grenson offers a range of classic and contemporary styles in a variety of materials.
  4. Harley-Davidson - An American company known for their stylish and comfortable motorcycle boots and shoes, Harley-Davidson boots are designed with a classic style and thick sole for increased durability.
  5. Chippewa - Founded in 1901, Chippewa offers an extensive selection of work boots designed for protection, comfort and style.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Blundstone Footwear - Quality boots and shoes suitable for work, leisure, and outdoor activities.
  • Insoles - Interchangeable, shock absorbing insoles for added comfort and arch support.
  • Cleaners and Conditioners - Natural cleaners and conditioners that help keep your Blundstone footwear looking and smelling great.
  • Shoe Trees - Wooden shoe trees that fit into Blundstone footwear and help keep them in shape.
  • Boot Liners - Waterproof and insulated liners designed to increase the warmth and durability of Blundstone footwear.
  • Boot Covers - Heavy duty waterproof covers that slip over Blundstone footwear to help keep them clean and protected in harsh conditions.
  • Spray Protector - A waterproofing spray that helps protect your Blundstone footwear from the elements.

Common questions

  1. What type of materials are used to make Blundstones? Blundstones use both durable leather and synthetic materials in their construction. The uppers are usually leather, while the outsoles are made of rubber to ensure superior traction and durability.
  2. Are there any special features or design elements that make Blundstones unique? Yes, Blundstones feature a number of unique design elements. These include sturdy elastic sides, which provide easy on and off, as well as a cushioned footbed for added comfort. Additionally, the boots are designed to be slip-resistant and weather-resistant.
  3. Are Blundstones available in different sizes and widths? Yes, Blundstone boots are available in a variety of sizes and widths to ensure a comfortable fit for all wearers.
  4. Are there any special care instructions for Blundstones? Yes, Blundstones should be treated with a suitable leather conditioner and regularly waterproofed with a spray or wax. Additionally, you should remove dirt and debris from the boots using a damp cloth and a mild soap.


In 2015, Blundstone won the prestigious Victorian Export Awards for its success in exporting its iconic boots around the world. The family owned business has been operating in Tasmania since 1870, and is now an international success story. This is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, durability, and customer service, and is an inspiring example of how Australian made products can make an impact on the world stage. Source

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