How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Clarks Shoes

Your Guide to buying the best Clarks


This buying guide provides an in-depth look at the renowned brand Clarks, which has been providing stylish and comfortable footwear to men, women, and children for over 200 years. Whether you’re looking for a classic leather shoe to wear to the office or something more casual and sporty for weekends, Clarks offers a wide range of styles and designs to suit all tastes. This guide will provide useful information on how to choose the right Clarks shoes for your lifestyle, as well as tips on how to care for them.

Key features

  1. Size - Measure your feet, compare to the Clarks size chart, and make sure you order the correct size.
  2. Style - Consider the style of shoe you need for the occasion and the type of outfit you plan to wear.
  3. Comfort - Test out the fit and cushioning of the shoe in-store or online, and opt for a pair with arch and ankle support.
  4. Durability - Read up on reviews or ask for advice about the quality and lifespan of the shoe.
  5. Price - Shop around for the best deal and take advantage of sales or coupon codes.

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Important considerations


  • Quality Materials: Clarks shoes are made from high-quality leather and other materials, ensuring that they last longer than other brands.
  • Durability: Clarks shoes are designed to last, and are constructed to withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Style: Clarks offers a variety of shoe styles, from casual to dress shoes, to ensure that you can find the perfect shoe for any occasion.
  • Comfort: Clarks shoes are designed with padded collars and other features to provide superior comfort while you wear them.
  • Affordability: Clarks offers a wide range of shoes, from budget-friendly options to designer-quality products, to ensure that you can find the perfect shoe for any budget.


  • Sizing: Clarks shoes can sometimes run small or large, making it difficult to find the right fit.
  • Price: Clarks shoes can be quite expensive compared to other footwear brands.
  • Materials: Clarks shoes are often made with synthetic materials, which may not be ideal for those looking for natural materials.
  • Style: Clarks shoes may not be as stylish or fashion-forward as other brands.
  • Durability: Clarks shoes may not be as durable as some other footwear brands.

Best alternatives

  1. Dr. Martens – Leather boots and shoes, well known for their comfort and durability.
  2. TOMS – Casual men and women's shoes, known for their simplicity and comfort.
  3. Birkenstock – Sandals and shoes with a contoured footbed, providing support and comfort.
  4. Converse – Canvas, slip-on shoes, classic for their style and comfort.
  5. Vans – Classic skate shoes, well known for their comfort, style, and grip.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Socks - Clothing items worn on the feet to cushion the feet and provide warmth.
  • Footbeds - Cushioned insoles that are used to provide extra cushioning and support.
  • Shoe Trees - Wooden, plastic, or metal forms placed into shoes to keep their shape and absorb moisture.
  • Insoles - Removable cushions added to the bottom of shoes for added support.
  • Shoe Polish - Cream or wax-based product used to clean and condition leather shoes.
  • Laces - Strings used to secure the shoes to the feet.

Common questions

  1. How do I know what size to buy?
    The best way to know what size to buy is to measure your feet and compare your measurements to the size chart provided by Clarks. You should also consider the width of the shoe and your usual size in other brands.
  2. Are Clarks comfortable?
    Yes, Clarks are known to be very comfortable and supportive thanks to their cushioning technology and quality materials used in their shoes.
  3. How durable are Clarks?
    Clarks shoes are designed to be very durable, with quality materials and construction. With proper care, they should last for many years.
  4. Do Clarks offer wide sizes?
    Yes, Clarks offer wide sizes in addition to their standard sizes. Check the size chart to find the corresponding wide size.
  5. Do Clarks ever go on sale?
    Yes, Clarks often go on sale, making them a great value for your money. Check online stores and local retailers for the best deals.


In 2018, Clarks released a shoe inspired by the silhouette of a moped, appropriately named the Moped Dusk. The shoe features a chunky sole that resembles the tyre of a moped, and is designed to resemble the classic design of a classic moped. The shoe was designed with comfort in mind, with a cushioned sole and a breathable upper. The shoe has proved to be a hit with fashion-forward shoppers, and is a great way to add some unique style to any outfit. Source

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