How to Choose the Right Boat Cruise for You

Your Guide to buying the best Boat Cruises


A boat cruise can be a fun and memorable way to enjoy a vacation, special event, or just a nice day out on the water. Whether you're looking for the romance of a sunset dinner cruise, the thrill of a whale watching tour, or the convenience of a sightseeing ferry, this buying guide will provide you with all of the essential information you need to make sure you select the right boat cruise for your needs. From important considerations like budget and features, to more specific details about ticket types and safety policies, this guide will help you find the perfect boat cruise for your next outing.

Key features

  1. Length of Cruise - Consider the duration of the cruise, as well as the hours and days it's available.
  2. Type of Cruise - Make sure to choose a cruise that fits your desired experience, such as a sightseeing, party, or luxury cruise.
  3. Number of Passengers - Choose a boat that can accommodate the desired number of passengers.
  4. Amenities - Look for amenities such as seating, restrooms, food, and entertainment that come with the cruise.
  5. Destination - Decide what area you would like to explore and choose a cruise that visits that destination.
  6. Cost - Consider the price of the cruise and compare it to other options.
  7. Safety Ratings - Check the safety ratings of the boat to ensure the cruise is safe.

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Important considerations


  • Beautiful Views - Boat cruises offer stunning views of coastal areas and rivers, as well as unique vantage points of historical and natural landmarks.
  • Unique Experience - Boat cruises provide a unique and intimate experience that can’t be replicated in any other setting.
  • Affordable - Boat cruises are often more affordable than other forms of travel and can be a great way to get away without breaking the bank.
  • Convenient - Boat cruises are often easier to arrange and more convenient than other forms of travel, allowing you to enjoy your destination without the hassle.
  • Variety - Boat cruises come in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from luxury yachts to smaller riverboats, allowing you to customize your experience and find the perfect fit for your group.


  • Cost: Boat cruises can be expensive, and pricing will depend on the boat size, type of cruise, and any meals or other amenities provided.
  • Weather: Boat cruises are at the mercy of the weather, and can be cancelled or delayed due to storms, high winds, or other weather-related issues.
  • Restrictions: Boat cruises may come with restrictions on the number of passengers, the type of alcohol that can be served, or minimum age requirements.
  • Safety: Boat cruises may not have the same safety standards as larger cruise ships, and may not provide life vests or other safety equipment.
  • Availability: Boat cruises may not be available year-round, and may only be available at certain times of the year or in certain locations.

Best alternatives

  1. Kayaking – A popular outdoor activity that involves maneuvering a small boat with a double-bladed paddle.
  2. Canoeing – A traditional paddle-based boating activity, often done in tandem.
  3. Sailing – A type of boat ride, typically involving a large sailboat and a skipper.
  4. Ferry Rides – A type of boat ride that allows passengers to travel between two locations, often across large bodies of water.
  5. Yacht Charters – A luxury boat ride, often with amenities and services such as on-board catering or entertainment.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Life jackets - Personal flotation devices to be worn while on the boat.
  • Boating shoes - Shoes with non-slip soles for boat deck safety.
  • Sunscreen - Protection from the sun while on the boat.
  • Sunglasses - To protect eyes from intense sun glare.
  • Hats - To shield heads from sun and provide warmth.
  • Waterproof clothing - To keep you dry while on the boat.
  • Snacks and drinks - Something to eat and drink during the cruise.
  • Cameras - To take pictures of the cruise experience.
  • Binoculars - To view wildlife and scenery from a distance.

Common questions

  1. What type of boat cruise should I book?
    The type of boat cruise you should book depends on your preferences and budget. Consider the type of experience you are looking for, such as a relaxing tour, a romantic experience, or an adventurous excursion. You should also compare prices and amenities offered by different boat cruise operators.
  2. What is the cost of a boat cruise?
    The cost of a boat cruise can vary depending on the type of boat cruise and its duration. Generally, shorter cruises cost less than longer ones. Additionally, some cruises may include additional amenities such as food, drinks, or entertainment, which can raise the cost.
  3. Are boat cruises safe?
    Yes, boat cruises are generally safe as long as they are operated by trained and experienced staff. Boat cruises usually have life vests and other safety equipment on board, and the captain is usually certified. Before booking, make sure to research the safety record of the boat operator.
  4. What should I bring on a boat cruise?
    Before leaving for your boat cruise, make sure to check what amenities the boat operator provides and what you should bring. Generally, you should bring sunscreen, a hat or cap, sunglasses, and comfortable clothing. Depending on the type of cruise, you may also need to bring cash, a camera, or other items.
  5. What should I wear on a boat cruise?
    You should wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for the weather. If it is colder, you should wear layers so you can easily adjust to the temperature. Make sure to wear shoes that are suitable for a boat deck, as the surface can be slippery. Additionally, bring a waterproof jacket in case of rain.


A popular and unusual thing to do on a boat cruise is to throw a memorial service at sea. This is when the ashes of a deceased person are scattered on the ocean, creating a memorable send-off. In some cases, those who knew the deceased get to board the boat and witness the scattering of the ashes, giving them a sense of closure and a chance to say their final goodbyes. Source

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