How to Choose the Right Callicrate Bander for Your Needs

Your Guide to buying the best Callicrate Bander


The Callicrate Bander is a revolutionary livestock management tool that simplifies the process of castrating, ear tagging, dehorning, and other animal husbandry tasks. This buying guide provides an overview of the product, and includes information on features, benefits, and tips to help you make the most informed purchasing decision when looking for a Callicrate Bander.

Key features

  1. Ease of Use: The Callicrate Bander is designed for easy and simple application, which does not require any special tools or skills.
  2. Adjustable: Callicrate Bander is adjustable to fit any size and shape of horned animals, as well as those with horns that have been cut off.
  3. Safe: The banding process is a humane, safe, and effective way of controlling livestock without the use of tranquilizers or other animal restraints.
  4. Reusable: The bands can be reused multiple times, making the Callicrate Bander a cost-effective solution for managing livestock.
  5. Portable: The Callicrate Bander is lightweight and portable, making it easy to handle and transport.
  6. Durability: The Callicrate Bander is built to last, with a tough metal construction and corrosion-resistant coating.

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Important considerations


  • Quick and Easy: The Callicrate Bander is designed to be quick and easy to use for all size livestock operations.
  • User Friendly: The Callicrate Bander is designed to be user friendly for anyone, even those with limited experience.
  • Long Lasting: The Callicrate Bander is designed with durable materials that are built to last.
  • Portable: The Callicrate Bander is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and use in various locations.
  • Cost Effective: The Callicrate Bander is designed to save time and money, with its easy to use design and cost effective materials.
  • Versatile: The Callicrate Bander is designed to work with all breeds of livestock, making it a great option for any operation.


  • Cost: The Callicrate Bander can be expensive, depending on the size and type of the product.
  • Availability: The Callicrate Bander may be difficult to find in some areas, or may only be found in certain stores.
  • Time: Applying the Callicrate Bander may be time-consuming, and require multiple applications if the animal is large or wiggly.
  • Compatibility: The Callicrate Bander may not be compatible with some animals, due to size or shape of the animal's horns or other factors.
  • Skill: Properly applying the Callicrate Bander requires some level of skill and knowledge of animal husbandry.

Best alternatives

  1. Elastrator - A device used to band livestock, similar to a Callicrate Bander, but uses rubber bands instead of metal clips.
  2. Stretchrite Castration Tool - A device similar to a Callicrate Bander that uses a stretching mechanism to create tight bands.
  3. Castrator Pliers - Pliers-style device that uses a screw-and-punch mechanism to quickly and easily castrate animals.
  4. EMB Castrating Tool - A device used to quickly and easily castrate animals using a spring loaded piston hammer.
  5. ROT-Band Castration Tool - A device that uses a spinning mechanism to castrate animals quickly and efficiently.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Callicrate Bander - This is the main product; a highly humane and effective cattle castrating tool designed for ease of use and safety.
  • Bloodless Applicator - A special knife used to apply the Callicrate Bander.
  • Replacement Bands - These are the elastrator bands used to secure the Callicrate Bander.
  • Replacement Blades - These are the blades used to cut the elastrator bands.
  • Bander Tension Tool - This is a tool used to measure the tension of the Callicrate Bander.

Common questions

  1. What is a Callicrate Bander?
    A Callicrate Bander is a humane tool for castrating livestock, such as cattle or horses, without the need for surgery or anesthesia.
  2. What is the difference between the Callicrate Bander and other castrating methods?
    Unlike traditional castrating methods, such as knife or elastrator, the Callicrate Bander is a safe and humane alternative that does not require surgery or anesthesia. The Callicrate Bander uses a tightly-fitting band to restrict blood flow to the testicles, which causes them to drop off within 10-14 days. This method is faster and more efficient than other methods, and there is no risk of infection or scarring.
  3. How is the Callicrate Bander used?
    The Callicrate Bander is easy to use and requires minimal equipment. First, the animal is restrained and a band is placed around the scrotum. The band is then tightened with an applicator and a release trigger is pulled to complete the process.
  4. Are there any risks associated with using the Callicrate Bander?
    The Callicrate Bander is a safe and humane alternative to traditional methods of castration, and there is no risk of infection or scarring. However, it is important to ensure that the band is properly applied to the scrotum in order to prevent any accidental injury to the animal.
  5. How long does it take for the Callicrate Bander to work?
    It usually takes 10-14 days for the testicles to drop off after the band has been applied.


Callicrate Bander is a company that has made a positive impact on the meat industry. Founded by Mike Callicrate, a former rancher, the company has championed for the humane treatment of livestock by advocating for the improvement of humane animal handling practices in slaughterhouses. One interesting story about Mike and his company is that in 2017 he was featured on the popular TV show "Shark Tank" in order to fund the company's mission. Mike ended up making a deal with three of the sharks to invest in his company and the episode was a success. This humurous and heartwarming story showcases Mike's passion for animal welfare and the success he has achieved through Callicrate Bander. Source:

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