How to Choose the Right Chaco Sandals

Your Guide to buying the best Chaco


This buying guide aims to help consumers make an informed decision when purchasing Chaco sandals. Our guide will provide information about materials, sizing, widths, arch support, and more. We will cover the features, benefits, and considerations of each type of Chaco and provide guidance to help customers choose the sandal that is right for them.

Key features

  1. Type of Chaco - Consider the type of Chaco you need. Are you looking for sandals, flip-flops, closed-toe shoes, or something else?
  2. Style and Fit - Think about the style and fit of the Chaco you want. Choose a style that best reflects your personal tastes and consider whether the fit is adjustable to accommodate your foot size.
  3. Traction - Ensure the Chaco you choose has good traction to provide you with the grip and stability you need.
  4. Durability - Make sure the Chaco is durable and will stand up to the elements and activities you are engaging in.
  5. Price - Determine your budget and look for a Chaco that falls within your range.

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Important considerations


  • Durability - Chaco shoes are made from durable materials designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring long-term use.
  • Support - Chaco offers superior arch and heel support, which helps to reduce stress on feet and joints.
  • Grip - Chaco shoes feature a unique sole pattern that provides excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Airflow - Chaco shoes are designed with breathable mesh panels for enhanced airflow around the feet.
  • Water Resistance - Chaco shoes are water and stain resistant, making them ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Style - Chaco shoes come in a variety of stylish and modern designs that can suit any taste.


  • Material - Chacos are made of synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon, which may not be as durable as leather.
  • Fit - The straps and buckle system on Chacos can be difficult to adjust for a proper fit.
  • Cleaning - Chacos are not machine washable and can be difficult to clean.
  • Price - Chacos can be expensive compared to other brands of sandals.
  • Support - Chacos may not provide the same level of arch or heel support that some other sandals offer.

Best alternatives

  1. Keen Footwear - Offers a wide selection of high-quality and stylish shoes for outdoor and indoor activities.
  2. Vibram FiveFingers - Offers minimalist shoes with individual toe pockets to help you move and explore nature more naturally.
  3. Merrell Footwear - Footwear designed for both performance and comfort, offering lightweight, flexible shoes with advanced cushioning.
  4. Teva Footwear - All-terrain shoes for outdoor adventures, designed with advanced technologies for superior fit, comfort, and performance.
  5. Altra Footwear - Offers a range of shoes designed for runners, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, with cushioning and support features for all-day comfort.
  6. Hoka One One - Lightweight shoes designed for runners, featuring cushioned midsoles for maximum shock absorption.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Chaco Sandals - Shoes designed for outdoor use, including hiking and water activities.
  • Chaco Flip-Flops - Footwear that has a thong style and provides extra support and stability.
  • Chaco Shorts - Shorts that are designed for active wear and provide comfort and durability.
  • Chaco Socks - Socks designed with a specific fit to provide extra cushioning and support.
  • Chaco Hats - Headwear designed with a comfortable fit and superior sun protection.
  • Chaco Water Bottles - Bottles designed to hold a range of liquids and keep them cold.
  • Chaco Towels - Towels designed to be lightweight and absorbent.
  • Chaco Backpacks - Backpacks designed with ample storage space and comfortable fit.

Common questions

  1. What type of sandals do Chaco offer? Chaco offers a variety of sandals, including thong sandals, slide sandals, hiking sandals, and water sandals.
  2. What materials are Chaco sandals made out of? Chaco sandals are made from a variety of materials, including webbing, rubber, and leather.
  3. Are Chaco sandals comfortable? Yes, Chaco sandals are known for their comfort and durability. The brand uses supportive technology and quality materials to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer.
  4. Are Chaco sandals true to size? Yes, Chaco sandals are generally true to size. However, the fit of the sandal may vary based on the style.
  5. Do Chaco sandals come in different colors? Yes, Chaco sandals come in a variety of colors, from neutrals to bright and vibrant hues.
  6. Are Chaco sandals good for hiking? Yes, Chaco sandals are designed to be worn during outdoor activities, such as hiking. The sandals are designed with extra grip and cushioning for added comfort and stability on rough terrain.


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