How to Choose the Right Gaming Router for Your Needs

Your Guide to buying the best Gaming routers


A gaming router is an essential piece of hardware for any serious gamer. It is designed to provide an optimal gaming experience, with features such as fast speeds, wide range of coverage, and network stability. To ensure you get the best gaming router for your needs, it is important to understand the different features and considerations when making a purchase. This buying guide will provide a comprehensive overview of what to look for when buying a gaming router, from specs to performance, to ensure you have the best gaming experience.

Key features

  1. Speed: The speed of the gaming router is the most important factor to consider. Look for routers that have higher throughput speeds, such as gigabit speeds, to ensure that your gaming experience is not hindered by low speeds.
  2. Software: Some gaming routers have special software designed for gamers. This software allows you to customize your gaming experience, such as optimizing gaming connections, providing extra security, and even setting up parental controls.
  3. Range: When purchasing a gaming router, make sure to consider the range of the router. If you are looking to cover a large area, you should look for routers with higher range, such as those that offer dual-band or tri-band technology.
  4. Ports/Connectivity: Gaming routers often come with multiple ports for connecting your gaming devices. Make sure to look for gaming routers that offer a variety of ports and connectivity options so that you can easily connect all of your gaming devices.
  5. Network Security: Network security is an important factor to consider when shopping for a gaming router. Make sure to look for routers that offer features such as firewalls, encryption, and guest networks to protect your gaming data and devices from any malicious attacks.
  6. Price: Budget is always a factor to consider when shopping for a gaming router. While higher-end gaming routers may offer more features, they may also be more expensive. Make sure to consider your budget when shopping for a gaming router.

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Important considerations


  • High Speed- Gaming routers are designed with high speed performance in mind, providing a more reliable connection for gaming and streaming.
  • Low Latency- Gaming routers are designed to reduce latency, meaning they are able to process data faster and provide a more smooth gaming experience.
  • Dual Band- Many gaming routers come with dual band wireless technology, allowing them to provide both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections, allowing for more flexibility in the connection.
  • Easy Setup- Most gaming routers come with an easy to use setup process, allowing users to be up and running in no time.
  • Network Management- Gaming routers come with advanced network management capabilities, allowing users to control and prioritize traffic on the network.
  • QoS (Quality of Service) - Gaming routers have the ability to prioritize gaming traffic on the network, ensuring that gaming connections are not impacted by other traffic.


  • Cost: Gaming routers are typically higher in cost than standard routers, making them prohibitively expensive for some users.
  • Server Loads: Gaming routers often require more server load than standard routers, so users may face slow speeds even with a high-end router.
  • Lack of Compatibility: Many gaming routers are not compatible with certain gaming consoles, which prevents users from enjoying the full benefits of the router.
  • Lack of Reliability: Gaming routers may be prone to disconnects or other connectivity issues, making them unreliable for gaming.
  • Complicated Setup: Gaming routers may require more complicated setup procedures than standard routers, which can be overwhelming for some users.

Best alternatives

  1. Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System -- A Wi-Fi 6 mesh system consists of two or more access points that are interconnected and can provide the same network coverage as a single router. Mesh systems offer greater bandwidth and faster speeds than routers.
  2. Powerline Adapters -- Powerline adapters can be used to create a wired connection between two or more computers. This is an ideal solution if you want to connect gaming consoles to the internet.
  3. Gaming Network Switches -- Network switches are designed to connect multiple computers to a single internet connection, and can be used to improve gaming performance.
  4. Access Points -- Access points are devices that allow additional devices to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network. They can be used to expand the range of a router or to connect hard-to-reach places.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Ethernet cables - Wiring that connects the router to a modem and gaming device
  • Power adapter - Plug into wall to power the router
  • Network cables - Connects the router to gaming devices and other components
  • Router stand - Mounts the router to a wall or other flat surface
  • Antenna - Increases signal range and improves performance
  • Network switch - Allows additional devices to be connected to the router
  • Modem - Connects the router to the internet

Common questions

  1. What features should I look for when buying a gaming router? Look for routers that have multiple antennas, fast WiFi speeds, and a feature such as Quality of Service (QoS) that allows you to prioritize gaming traffic. You may also want to consider routers that have extras such as a built-in firewall or VPN capabilities.
  2. How much should I spend on a gaming router? It depends. If you have a larger budget, you can get a more powerful router with more features. However, if your budget is limited, you can still get a router that is capable of delivering reliable gaming performance.
  3. Which router brands are best for gaming? Some of the best router brands for gaming include Netgear, Asus, Linksys, TP-Link, and D-Link.
  4. What are the benefits of using a gaming router? A gaming router can provide a better gaming experience by offering faster speeds, better range, and improved latency. It can also help you prioritize gaming traffic over other types of traffic, allowing you to enjoy smooth gaming sessions.
  5. Is it worth it to buy a gaming router? It depends on your needs. If you are an avid gamer who needs the best possible connection for uninterrupted gaming then it may be worth investing in a gaming router. However, if you only occasionally play games, you may not need the extra features a gaming router provides.


A recent study discovered that gaming routers can significantly reduce lag time, improving a user's gaming experience. In fact, the study found that gamers who had a router specifically designed for gaming saw an improvement in latency of up to 20%. This is especially beneficial for gamers who are playing competitively as even a few milliseconds can make a difference. This study was conducted by experts at PC Magazine and the results can be found here:

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