How to Choose the Right Kindle for You

Your Guide to buying the best Kindle


The Kindle is one of the most popular e-readers on the market, offering a range of features and advantages to suit all kinds of readers. In this buying guide, we’ll explore the various types of Kindle devices available, including the basic Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis. We’ll also discuss the key features to consider, such as size, weight, display quality, and battery life, as well as useful accessories that can enhance your reading experience. With this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision and purchase the right Kindle for you.

Key features

  1. Size: Consider the size of the Kindle when making your decision. Look for a model that is small and lightweight for portability, but also large enough for comfortable reading.
  2. Storage: Choose a Kindle with enough storage space for all your books and documents. Some models offer more storage than others.
  3. Display: When it comes to a display, look for one that is glare-free and has a crisp, clear picture. You should also consider the resolution of the display.
  4. Battery Life: Look for a Kindle with a long battery life so that you can read for hours without needing to recharge.
  5. Connectivity: Consider if you need the device to be connected to the internet. Some models come with Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity options.
  6. Price: Compare prices of different models to get the best value.

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Important considerations


  • Portability - the Kindle is smaller and lighter than most other tablets, making it easy to take it with you wherever you go.
  • Long Battery Life - Kindle has a long battery life, lasting up to a month with wireless off and two weeks with wireless on.
  • Easy to Use - Kindle devices are extremely simple to use, with a user-friendly interface and no complicated setup required.
  • Cost - Kindles are typically more affordable than other tablets, making them a great choice for those on a budget.
  • Access to Books - Kindle devices provide easy access to millions of ebooks, as well as newspapers, magazines, and other documents.


  • Price: Kindle devices can range in price from around $90 to $350, depending on the model and features.
  • Connectivity: Kindle devices are not compatible with cellular networks, meaning you will need to have a Wi-Fi connection to use them.
  • Screen Size: The screen size on a Kindle may be too small for some people and not suitable for reading larger documents.
  • Storage: Kindles have limited storage, so you may not be able to store as many books or other materials as you would like.
  • Battery Life: The battery life on a Kindle can vary depending on usage, but some models may need to be recharged more frequently than others.
  • Software Updates: Kindle devices require regular software updates to ensure they remain up to date with the latest features.

Best alternatives

  1. Kobo eReader - An eReader from Rakuten with features like adjustable fonts, night mode, and the ability to read ePub and PDF files.
  2. Nook GlowLight 3 - Barnes & Noble's eReader with a built-in light, a battery that lasts up to 8 weeks, and adjustable font size.
  3. Sony Digital Paper - A large-format eReader with a 13.3-inch screen, support for Adobe PDFs, and the ability to annotate documents.
  4. Onyx Boox Note - An Android-powered eReader with a 10.3-inch E Ink display, support for handwritten notes, and a built-in web browser.
  5. Remarkable 2 - A reMarkable tablet with a 10.3-inch E Ink display, a unique writing experience, and support for several file types.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Screen Protector - a protective film which covers the Kindle's display to protect it from scratches and smudges.
  • Charger - a device used to recharge the Kindle's battery.
  • Storage Card - a removable card which stores Kindle content such as books, magazines, music and videos.
  • Case - a protective cover which ensures the Kindle is safe from dirt, dust and other elements.
  • Headphones - a device used to listen to audio content on the Kindle.
  • E-Reader Stand - a device used to keep the Kindle stable and upright while reading.
  • Stylus - a thin, plastic device used to interact with the Kindle's touchscreen.
  • Cleaning Kit - a set of tools used to clean and maintain the Kindle.

Common questions

  1. What are the different Kindle models available? The current Kindle models are the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, and Kindle for Kids bundle, which comes with a protective cover.
  2. What are the features of the different Kindle models? The Kindle features a 6" glare-free touchscreen display, a battery life of weeks, and 4GB of storage. The Paperwhite has a 6" glare-free touchscreen display, water resistance, a battery life of weeks, 8GB of storage, and adjustable warm light. The Oasis has a 7" glare-free touchscreen display, water resistance, a battery life of weeks, 32GB of storage, and adjustable warm light. The Kindle for Kids bundle features a 6" glare-free touchscreen display, a protective cover, a battery life of weeks, 4GB of storage, and age-appropriate content.
  3. What are the benefits of using a Kindle? The primary benefits of using a Kindle are access to Amazon's library of millions of books, the option to read e-books without eyestrain, and the ability to take your library anywhere. Additionally, Kindles are designed for optimal battery life, making them ideal for long trips and vacations.
  4. What accessories can be used with Kindle devices? Common accessories include protective cases, easy-to-use charging cables, and external storage devices. Additionally, Amazon offers a variety of specialty covers, such as ones with Bluetooth keyboards or stands, and reading lights.
  5. How much do Kindle devices cost? Prices for Kindles range from $79.99 - $279.99 USD, depending on the model and any additional features. Accessories can range from $10 - $50 USD.
  6. Does Amazon offer any discounts on Kindle devices? Amazon often offers discounts and bundles on Kindles, making them even more affordable. Additionally, Amazon Prime members often receive exclusive discounts on Kindle purchases.


In 2009, the late James Doohan, best known for his role as “Scotty” in Star Trek, became the first celebrity to have his ashes launched into space. His ashes were sent aboard a spacecraft carrying an experimental Amazon Kindle 2 e-reader with some of his favorite books. The spacecraft orbited the Earth for two years before re-entering the atmosphere and burning up. This Kindle, along with Doohan's ashes, was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Source

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