How to Choose the Right Stepper: A Comprehensive Guide

Your Guide to buying the best steppers


A stepper is an exercise machine that allows you to have a low-impact aerobic workout. Steppers come in a variety of sizes and models and can be used to increase cardiovascular strength, improve balance and coordination, and tone and strengthen muscles. When shopping for a stepper, it's important to consider factors such as size, type, features, price, and warranty. This buying guide will provide an overview of the different types of steppers, their features, and how to choose the right one to meet your exercise needs.

Key features

  1. Size: How much space does the stepper take up? Consider both the size of the base and the range of motion.
  2. Resistance Levels: Does the stepper come with different levels of resistance? If so, is it adjustable while in use?
  3. Comfort: Does the stepper have an ergonomic design? Are there handrails or other features to increase comfort?
  4. Display: Does the stepper have an LCD screen that displays workout data such as calories burned, time, and distance?
  5. Safety Features: Does the stepper have any safety features such as an emergency stop or a magnetic key?
  6. Noise Level: How loud is the stepper when in use? Is there an option to reduce the noise level?
  7. Durability: What is the stepper made of? Is it designed to withstand heavy use or long-term use?
  8. Warranty: Does the stepper come with a warranty? What is the length and what does it cover?
  9. Price: What is the price range of the stepper? Are there any additional costs, such as for shipping or setup?

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Important considerations


  • Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance - Steppers are generally less expensive than other exercise equipment and require far less maintenance. They are a cost-effective and time-saving option for those who want to get fit on a budget.
  • Compact and Portable - Steppers are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store or take with you on the go. Many models can be folded up for even more portability.
  • Full-Body Workout - Steppers provide a full-body workout, incorporating both aerobic activity and strength training. They target your lower body (hips, thighs, and glutes) while engaging your upper body (arms, chest, and shoulders), providing a balanced workout.
  • Versatile - Steppers come in a variety of models, allowing you to customize your workout. You can choose from models with different resistance levels, footplates, and handlebars to suit your fitness needs.
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health - Steppers increase your heart rate and help you build endurance, improving your overall cardiovascular health.


  • Cost: Steppers can be expensive, especially if you are looking for higher quality models.
  • Maintenance: Steppers require regular maintenance and repairs, which can be costly.
  • Space: Steppers take up a lot of space, so they may not be suitable for smaller homes.
  • Noise: Steppers can be noisy, so they may not be ideal for use in quiet areas or during quiet times.
  • Safety: Steppers can be dangerous if used incorrectly, so it's important to make sure you read and follow safety instructions.

Best alternatives

  1. Treadmills – Motorized machines designed to mimic running or walking on a belt.
  2. Elliptical Trainers – Machines that can be used to simulate climbing, running or walking with a more fluid, circular motion.
  3. Stationary Exercise Bikes – Traditional bikes mounted on a stationary frame used to simulate cycling.
  4. Multi-gyms – Machines that contain multiple weight-bearing exercises in one station.
  5. Rowing Machines – Machines that simulate the movement of rowing a boat with a sliding seat and handles.
  6. Stair Climbers – Machines that allow users to simulate climbing a staircase with a series of steps and handles.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Resistance Bands - These can be used to increase the intensity of the workout.
  • Adjustable Step Platform - A platform that allows for different heights and angles to be adjusted for a more personalized workout.
  • Exercise Mat - A mat used to cushion the floor and provide a more comfortable workout.
  • Heart Rate Monitor - A device used to monitor the heart rate during a workout to ensure safety.
  • Weighted Vest - A vest that adds resistance to the workout to increase intensity.
  • Ankle Weights - Weights that can be strapped to the ankles to provide extra resistance during a workout.

Common questions

  1. What are the benefits of using a stepper? Steppers provide a low-impact aerobic workout that can help increase cardiovascular health, sculpt and tone muscles, and burn calories. Stepping is also a relatively easy way to get started on a fitness routine and can be done in almost any location with a small footprint.
  2. How do I choose the right stepper? When shopping for a stepper, consider the size and portability, resistance level, type of display, programs, and overall design. You should also consider your budget, the space you have available, and the type of workout you want.
  3. Are steppers good for weight loss? Yes, steppers can be an effective tool for weight loss. Stepping can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time and can be combined with other exercise activities for a full workout routine.
  4. Can steppers be used by all fitness levels? Yes, steppers can be used by people of all fitness levels. Beginners may want to start with a lower resistance level and shorter range of motion, while more advanced exercisers can increase the resistance and range of motion for an intense workout.
  5. What safety considerations should I keep in mind? Before using a stepper, always read the instructions and make sure you understand how to use the machine correctly. It's also important to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and to warm up and cool down before and after each workout.


In 2019, a woman in the United States used a stepper to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Although it was a challenge, she managed to make it to the 19,341 ft summit of Africa's highest peak using only a stepper. The feat was so impressive that she was even featured in the Guinness World Records. She cited her success to the strength and endurance she had gained from using her stepper in her daily exercise routine. Source

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