How to Choose the Right Vionic Shoes for You

Your Guide to buying the best Vionic


This Vionic buying guide provides detailed information and helpful tips to ensure you buy the perfect Vionic shoes for your individual needs. With a variety of styles, colors, and features to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the ideal Vionic shoes for your lifestyle. We’ll guide you through the buying process, from understanding the features of each style to finding the perfect fit. By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’ll have the information and confidence you need to make the best shoe purchase for your feet.

Key features

  1. Size & Fit: Make sure to check the size and fit of the Vionic product you’re looking to purchase. Vionic footwear sizes can vary by style and it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right size before you buy.
  2. Material: Vionic products are made of a variety of materials, from leather to synthetic materials. Consider which material is right for you and your lifestyle.
  3. Style: Vionic offers numerous styles of shoes and insoles, from casual everyday footwear to dress shoes and performance sneakers. Consider which style is best for your intended use.
  4. Support & Comfort: Vionic footwear and insoles are designed for maximum support and comfort. Make sure to choose a product that provides the level of support you need.
  5. Extra Features: Vionic products are often designed with extra features like moisture-wicking linings, cushioning, and arch support. Consider which features are most important to you.

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Important considerations


  • Supportive Footwear - Vionic shoes are designed with a patented arch technology, as well as a deep heel cup and a raised toe bar, which works together to support your natural alignment and provide the comfort and support you need for your everyday activities.
  • Wide Range of Styles and Sizes - Vionic offers a wide selection of shoes in various shapes, sizes, and styles for men, women, and children, giving you plenty of options to choose from.
  • High Quality Materials - Vionic shoes are made using only the highest quality materials, giving you the assurance that your shoes will last for years to come.
  • Comfort - Vionic shoes are designed with comfort in mind, providing ergonomic support to ensure that your feet are comfortable and supported throughout the day.
  • Durability - Vionic shoes are made with durable materials, ensuring that they will last for years to come and provide you with the support and comfort you desire.
  • Affordable Prices - Vionic offers a wide selection of shoes at affordable prices, allowing you to get the support you need without breaking the bank.


  • Price: Vionic shoes are typically more expensive than many other brands.
  • Style: Vionic shoes are often designed for comfort, which can make them less fashionable than some other brands.
  • Size Availability: Vionic shoes are not typically available in wide widths.
  • Sound: Vionic shoes can be louder than some other brands when walking.

Best alternatives

  1. Birkenstock - This classic German footwear brand is known for its comfortable shoes, sandals, and clogs.
  2. Dansko - Offering an array of comfortable and stylish shoes with arch support, Dansko is a popular choice for people seeking a quality walking shoe.
  3. Alegria Footwear - Alegria is a brand that specializes in comfort shoes with arch support, designed with a unique combination of leather, suede, patent leather, and patent leather/textile materials.
  4. SAS Shoes - SAS offers a range of comfortable shoes with arch support and cushioning that is specifically designed to ease foot pain.
  5. Orthaheel - This popular brand is known for its orthotic-inspired arch support and cushioning technology.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Vionic Shoes - Orthopedic shoes designed with a contoured arch support and deep heel cup to provide support for plantar fasciitis and other foot-related issues.
  • Vionic Insoles - Custom insoles designed to provide extra support for the arch and heel of your feet.
  • Vionic Footwear Socks - High-quality performance socks designed to provide support, cushioning, and breathability.
  • Vionic Massagers - Portable massage tools that use vibration technology to provide relief to sore feet and ankles.
  • Vionic Footwear Care Products - Products such as cleaners, conditioners, and deodorizers designed to keep your Vionic shoes in top condition.

Common questions

  1. How comfortable is Vionic?
    Vionic shoes are designed to provide superior support, cushioning, and stability, so they are very comfortable to wear. The insole is made from a unique combination of foam, arch support, and deep heel cup to cushion and support your feet.
  2. What materials are used to make Vionic shoes?
    Vionic shoes are made from high-quality materials, such as leather, suede, and breathable mesh. The footbed is made from a combination of memory foam and arch support to provide cushioning and support.
  3. Does Vionic offer wide widths?
    Yes, Vionic offers shoes in wide widths to ensure a comfortable fit.
  4. Are Vionic shoes good for walking?
    Yes, Vionic shoes are designed with walking in mind. They provide superior support, cushioning, and stability, making them ideal for walking and everyday wear.
  5. How long do Vionic shoes last?
    Vionic shoes are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last. With proper care and maintenance, Vionic shoes can last for many years.


Vionic Shoes was founded by a podiatrist, Dr. Andrew Weil, who was inspired by the need to provide comfortable and supportive footwear. Dr. Weil’s idea was to combine podiatric science with fashion to create stylish and supportive footwear. To this day, Vionic Shoes continues its commitment to comfort and style with stylish shoes that are designed to provide the same level of support and comfort of orthotics. Vionic Shoes has also won numerous awards from the American Podiatric Medical Association for its commitment to providing stylish and supportive footwear. Source

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