How to Choose the Right Yo-yo Lube

Your Guide to buying the best Yo-yo Lube


Yo-yo Lube is an essential accessory for any yo-yo enthusiast, allowing them to maintain their yo-yo and keep it spinning and performing at its best. This buying guide will provide a detailed overview of the different types of Yo-yo Lube, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose the right lube for your yo-yo. We'll discuss the various features to consider, such as lube type, price, and lubricant properties, as well as provide tips for applying and storing lube. Finally, we'll provide a few recommendations for the best Yo-yo Lubes on the market today.

Key features

  1. Lube Type - The type of lubricant is important, as it affects how long the lube lasts and how much friction it will reduce. Different types of lubes are better for different types of yo-yos, so it is important to know the type of lube you need.
  2. Viscosity - The viscosity of the lube measures how thick it is when it is at rest, and affects how easily the lube will spread on the yo-yo's axle. Thicker lubes will create more drag, while thinner lubes will reduce drag.
  3. Cost - Different lubes may have different costs, so it is important to consider the cost when deciding which one to purchase.
  4. Durability - Durability is an important factor to consider when purchasing a yo-yo lube. Some lubes may last longer than others, so it is important to consider how long you want the lube to last before purchasing it.
  5. Smell/Taste - Some lubes are designed to be non-toxic and have a pleasant smell or taste. This may be important to consider if you don't want the lube to be unpleasant to use.

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Important considerations


  • Long Lasting: Yo-yo Lube can last for days or even weeks, depending on the type of use, meaning it is a highly efficient and cost effective option.
  • Easy to Use: Yo-yo Lube is easy to apply and does not require any special tools or skills, making it a great choice for all skill levels.
  • Minimal Mess: Yo-yo Lube is a dry lubricant that does not require any messy clean-up, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a clean, no-mess solution.
  • High Quality: Yo-yo Lube is made from high quality materials with superior lubricating capabilities and is designed to last for a long time.


  • Messy and Difficult to Clean Up - Yo-yo Lube can be messy to apply, and can be challenging to clean up if it spills or gets on other surfaces.
  • Cost - Yo-yo Lube tends to be more expensive than other lubricants.
  • Reduced Performance - Over-lubing can reduce the performance of the yo-yo, making it slower or less responsive.
  • Longevity - Yo-yo Lube does not last as long as some other lubricants, meaning it may need to be applied more often.

Best alternatives

  1. Tru-Grip Lube - A fast-drying, quick-acting lubrication product for yo-yo strings.
  2. Slick 6 Lube - A petroleum-based product designed for use on yo-yo strings.
  3. Yo-Yo Juice - A lightweight, low-friction lubricant created specifically for use on yo-yo strings.
  4. String Saver - A special lubricant made for protecting yo-yo strings from wear and tear.
  5. Pandora's Formula - A slicker, longer-lasting lube designed for yo-yo strings.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Yo-yo Lube - A lubricant used to reduce friction and keep yo-yos running smoothly.
  • String - A material used to attach the yo-yo to the user's finger.
  • Yo-yo Bag - A soft carrying case for yo-yos that provides protection from dirt, dust, and scratches.
  • Yo-yo Tuning Kit - A tool that helps adjust the yo-yo’s responsiveness, spin time, and stability.
  • Yo-yo Bearing - A small component that helps reduce friction and improve spin time.
  • Glass Cleaner - An essential tool for keeping a yo-yo’s bearing clean and dust-free.
  • String Cutter - A tool used to cut and clean yo-yo strings.
  • String Wax - A wax that helps reduce friction and improve string life.
  • De-greaser - A cleaning solution used to remove grease and other contaminants from yo-yos.
  • Replacement Parts - Parts such as axles, response pads, and hubs used to repair damaged yo-yos.

Common questions

  1. What is Yo-yo Lube? Yo-yo Lube is a lubricant specifically designed for yo-yos that helps them to perform better and last longer. It is made from a combination of premium oils and waxes that create a smooth, fast bearing surface.
  2. What are the benefits of using Yo-yo Lube? Yo-yo Lube helps to reduce friction between the yo-yo and the string, making tricks easier to perform and extending the life of the yo-yo. It also helps to improve the overall feel of the yo-yo and reduce noise from the bearings.
  3. How do I apply Yo-yo Lube? To apply Yo-yo Lube, start by removing the yo-yo’s bearing and cleaning it with a dry cloth or brush. Then, apply a small amount of lube directly onto the bearing and spin it to evenly distribute the lube. Finally, re-assemble the yo-yo and you are ready to go!
  4. How often should I apply Yo-yo Lube? It is recommended to apply Yo-yo Lube every few months to ensure that your yo-yo performs optimally.
  5. Are there any dangers of using Yo-yo Lube? No, there are no dangers associated with using Yo-yo Lube, as long as it is used according to the manufacturer's directions.


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