The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Griddle

Your Guide to buying the best Electric griddles


An electric griddle is a great appliance for cooking a variety of meals. From breakfast food to grilled sandwiches to pancakes and more, an electric griddle can make food preparation easier and faster. When looking to purchase an electric griddle, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you get the best quality and features for your needs. This buying guide will provide information and tips on the various types of electric griddles available, what features to look for, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Key features

  1. Size: The size of electric griddles will vary a lot. It's important to consider the size of the griddle in relation to the size of your kitchen, as well as how many people you are cooking for.
  2. BTUs: The amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units) will determine the temperature range of the griddle. The higher the BTUs, the more heat the griddle will produce and vice versa.
  3. Auto Shutoff: Look for an electric griddle with an auto shutoff feature. This will help ensure the griddle does not overheat and stay safe while in use.
  4. Non-Stick Surface: Most electric griddles have a non-stick surface, which makes them easier to clean and prevents food from sticking.
  5. Temperature Controls: Look for a griddle with adjustable temperature controls so you can adjust the temperature to suit your cooking needs.
  6. Additional Features: Look for additional features such as warming trays, removable plates, grease trays, and more.

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Important considerations


  • Easy to Use - Electric griddles are easy to use and can be operated with the press of a button.
  • Efficient - Electric griddles offer efficient cooking, allowing food to cook quickly and evenly.
  • Versatile - Electric griddles can be used to cook a variety of foods, including pancakes, bacon, eggs, hamburgers, and more.
  • Temperature Control - Electric griddles provide precise temperature control, allowing you to adjust the cooking temperature according to the type of food you are cooking.
  • Non-Stick Surface - Electric griddles feature a non-stick surface, making it easier to remove food after cooking.
  • Safety Features - Electric griddles come with safety features such as automatic shut-off and temperature indicators.


  • Price: Electric griddles can be expensive, especially when compared to other types of griddles.
  • Size: Electric griddles are typically limited to a certain size, making them less suitable for large groups.
  • Consistency: It can be difficult to regulate the temperature and keep it consistent across the cooking surface.
  • Maintenance: Electric griddles require more frequent maintenance and cleaning than other types of griddles.
  • Portability: Electric griddles are not as portable as other types of griddles and may require an outlet or power source.

Best alternatives

  1. Pressure Cookers - Electric pressure cookers are excellent for quickly cooking vegetables, meats, and grains.
  2. Slow Cookers - Slow cookers are great for low and slow cooking of stews, soups, and roasts.
  3. Rice Cookers - Rice cookers allow you to cook perfect rice with minimal effort.
  4. Skillets - Skillets are another great alternative to electric griddles and can be used for many types of cooking.
  5. Indoor Grills - Indoor grills provide the convenience of grilling indoors while still delivering great flavor.

Related tools, supplies, and accessories

  • Rimmed Baking Sheet - A baking sheet with raised edges to catch any splatters or spills.
  • Electric Griddle - A flat, cooktop-style griddle used to cook food on a hot surface.
  • Spatula - A flat tool used to lift, turn, and serve food.
  • Thermometer - An instrument used to measure the temperature of food or liquid.
  • Electric Power Cord - A cable or wire used to provide electricity to an appliance.
  • Heat Diffuser - A device used to evenly distribute heat to the cooking surface.
  • Grease Tray - A removable tray used to collect oils or fats from the food being cooked.

Common questions

  1. What sizes do electric griddles come in? Electric griddles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small, countertop models that are great for individual servings or small meals, to larger, family-sized griddles that can accommodate more food.
  2. What features should I look for when buying an electric griddle? When buying an electric griddle, look for features such as an adjustable temperature control, a non-stick cooking surface, and a removable drip tray for easy cleanup. Other features to consider include a warming tray, timer settings, and a Grease Management System (GMS).
  3. What materials are electric griddles typically made from? Electric griddles are usually made from stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, or a combination of these materials.
  4. What is the safest way to use an electric griddle? The safest way to use an electric griddle is to make sure that it is not connected to an open flame, that it is placed on a level and stable surface, and that it is not left unattended while in use. Additionally, always use oven mitts when handling the griddle, and be sure to unplug the griddle when finished cooking.
  5. What types of food can I cook on an electric griddle? An electric griddle can be used to cook a variety of foods such as pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese, burgers, steak, and more.


A funny fact about electric griddles is that the first electric griddle was invented by an accident. In 1911, General Electric engineer, Irving Langmuir, was experimenting with a carbon filament light bulb when he unintentionally melted the bottom of the pan he was using. After some experimentation, he created the first electric griddle. This story is a testament to the importance of tinkering and experimenting and shows how an accident can lead to a revolutionary idea. source

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